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Women are still underrepresented in the swiss cyber security workforce. What can organisations do to bridge this gap?

Gender diversity is a critical element of successful cyber security

Cyber security has become one of the hottest and fastest-growing fields in technology across the globe today. Despite the continuous growth in cyber security spending and opportunities, women’s representation in the cyber workforce remains low - even more so than in IT.

At Deloitte Switzerland, we are committed to addressing the gender balance and growing skills shortage in cyber. Established in 2015, our Women in Cyber network aims towards a common vision: to promote gender diversity in the cyber security industry by inspiring others, developing our people and building a community. This vision is supported by three pillars:


We inspire the next generation of cyber professionals by working with schools and universities, delivering cyber security awareness sessions and providing opportunities for students to meet women who work in cyber.


We foster growth and development of our cyber team by offering support for personal development, targeting activities to address gender imbalances at different levels, developing a community of connected individuals and promoting the importance of diversity in our teams. We also work collaboratively across the industry with clients to provide similar opportunities and mentoring those who are starting their own initiatives.


We want to make an impact beyond our internal teams by enhancing female cyber professionals with the tools to thrive in any role. We host external speaker events, roundtable events, and have recently launched an educational series to upskill cyber professionals and those considering a career in cyber.
Our aim is to promote gender diversity in the cyber security industry by inspiring others, developing our people and building a community.

Insights & stories

At Deloitte Switzerland, we share a common vision with the EMEA Women in Cyber team and work hand-in-hand to promote gender parity in cyber security across all levels from analyst to Vice President. To initiate the dialogue we developed the Women in Cyber Leadership Interview Series.

We interviewed female security leaders across industries and academia to create awareness and foster a community that inspires female talent to consider a career in cyber.

They spoke with us about their journeys to cyber security, lessons learned and perspectives on their current roles. Whether it is overcoming challenges, advice on how to build a career in cyber or skills needed to succeed, these inspiring stories provide in-depth, diverse and bold insights that will help drive the dialogue in Switzerland and across regions.

Read their portraits in the stories & insights section below.


Journeys to cyber security - what does it take?

Find out what inspired the careers of Cyber experts at Deloitte Switzerland

Read their stories

Upcoming events

Our Women in Cyber network runs a number of events throughout the year. Below are a few upcoming highlights.

2023 August

Women in Cyber Day

The Women in Cyber Day Event is a joint event organised by Deloitte in collaboration with partner organisations that aims to give insights into the diverse fields of Cyber, connect Cyber professionals and provide a platform for exchange.
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Klaus Julisch

Dr Klaus Julisch is the Cyber Lead Partner at Deloitte in Switzerland. Contact Klaus if you would like to know how your organisation can benefit from participating in Deloitte’s Women in Cyber initiative.

Kristina Gjini

Kristina is a Marketing Manager who is driving the Women in Cyber initiative for Deloitte Switzerland. If you are interested in sharing your Cyber story or have any questions, please contact Kristina.