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Digital Agent Workplace

We partnered up with Zurich Insurance and Apple to change the way insurance agents work. For this, we developed the MyCustomer mobile application, which combines a lightweight mobile CRM with sophisticated insurance advice - always with the user in mind.

Before the rollout of the MyCustomer application, agents were predominantly relying on a paper-based approach, which was prone to process delays, human errors, and caused an excessive administrative burden. These issues drove Zurich to address the agent experience and embark on a digital agent workplace transformation with us.

Insurance, Digital Product Development, Digital Transformation, Mobile, User Research, Agile

Is it possible to change old and rigid habits of working? The answer is clearly yes, but only if the user experience is outstanding. Our ambition was to quickly build a mobile application that enhances the day-to-day work of an agent, from lead management and meeting scheduling, to providing world class insurance advice. All digital, without ever having to print out paper anymore.

Our solution is called “MyCustomer”, a mobile application that has been iteratively built, based on agile methodologies. We performed extensive user research to better understand how agents navigate their day-to-day work and where we can make the biggest impact. We learned that lead & performance management, corporate customer and life advice were the most pressing issues. The result is a completely new way of working - with convincing results.

Thinking customer-first and then working back to business viability and technological feasibility proved to be a winning recipe. We were able to build a mobile application in small packages that is being used by the vast majority of agents, with rave reviews.

Our Impact:

  • +1’000’000 e-signatures obtained
  • +14 bps T-NPS increase
  • 80% daily usage

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