Insight Driven Organisation (IDO) Survey 2020

How are you scaling analytics?

Participate in the 2020 Insight Driven Organisation survey to compare your organisation with peers in Switzerland and globally. The survey closes 20 October 2020.

From proving value to a focus on delivery

While we have long recognised that the ability to sift, make sense of, and leverage data to discover insights are key market differentiators, the main focus from clients in the past was on ‘why analytics adds value’. In the 2018 survey, we found that the priority was no longer proving the value of analytics: it had moved on to delivery.

In 2018, over two-thirds of our respondents reported having a senior executive leading the analytics agenda. The majority had started looking to build, scale and improve their capabilities and were encountering problems that come with expansion – lack of the right talent, dispersed knowledge base management and data quality issues have made the scaling more difficult.

How to overcome such challenges has become the No. 1 question that we aim to answer in the third edition of the IDO Survey.

Cloud availability is enabling innovation and opportunities

In the past, the commitment of organisations to becoming Insight-Driven has faced internal hurdles to modernizing their data ecosystems. The more recent macroeconomic impact of COVID-19 has added to the challenge. However, there are signs of progress. Google and Microsoft opened new cloud centres in Switzerland in 2019. Since then the availability of analytics and data services from the likes of Snowflake, Informatica and others on these platforms, has increased the usefulness of Swiss-hosted cloud. Many industries previously held back by Swiss data protection and cloud security laws now see new opportunities. How does this reflect our clients’ readiness for modernisation of data analytics?

Participate in the 2020 survey

Over the past years, we have worked closely alongside the full span of industries, geographies, and types and sizes of organisation to understand what the ‘Insight Economy’ means in practice.

We invite you to participate in the 2020 IDO Survey and benefit from a personalised report, plus a free consultation with our IDO experts. We look forward to hearing from you about your journey towards becoming an Insight Driven Organisation.

IDO Survey 2020

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