Mobile Consumer Survey Deloitte 2016


Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: The UK cut

There's no place like phone

Smartphone penetration is approaching a peak, just nine years after the launch of the first full touchscreen smartphone. No other personal device has had the same commercial and societal impact as the smartphone, and no other device seems likely to. However, as the base nears a plateau, relentless innovation continues at device and network levels, leading to exciting times.

Our sixth annual edition of the UK Mobile Consumer survey analyses the current trends in the mobile industry.

Key findings

  • 27% of smartphones include a fingerprint reader, of which 76% are used
  • Connected home devices still haven’t taken off, with just 2% of adults owning smart lights and smart appliances
  • As of mid-2016, almost half of UK adults had access to at least one type of connected entertainment product
  • 4G adoption has more than doubled in the last year, from 25% to 54%
  • 31% of smartphone users make no traditional voice calls in a given week. This contrasts with a quarter in 2015, and just 4% in 2012
  • The majority of survey participants have downloaded 20 or fewer apps
  • By mid-2016, almost two-thirds of UK adults had access to a tablet, but penetration growth had slowed down.
Mobile Consumer Survey 2016: The UK cut
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