Smart Configurable Planning

Standard solution for planning configurable products enabled by SAP IBP

Smart Configurable Planning is a Deloitte accelerator, powered by SAP IBP, that makes it possible to plan configurable and characteristic-based products in various production environments such as CTO (configure-to-order), MTO (make-to-order) or ETO (engineer-to-order) and process types such as Project.

Every configurable product is characterised by a high variability of features that get selected in the customer order. Depending on product complexity, planners are challenged with managing large amount of bills of materials that get rarely re-used.

The cumulative lead time to produce and deliver the final product often exceeds customer willingness to wait. Therefore, a calculated rate of historical component usage is available to drive procurement and inventory decisions.

Having visibility on future component requirements allows planners to reserve capacity beforehand. Planners get notified about situations where capacity overload occurs in order to find a resolution.

If you are currently facing one or more of the above drawbacks, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to provide you with more details about Smart Configurable Planning.

Thank you to Martin Rejman, a key contributor for this article.


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