The Future Consumer

The TrendRadar: The Future Consumer provides a systematic overview of the most relevant trends in the consumer industry

Why we created the TrendRadar: The Future Consumer

What does the future hold for consumers? Technological advances, social issues, and political developments are having a major impact on the consumer goods industry. Both retailers and brands must adapt to the change: the future is colliding with the present. Keeping track of trends, therefore, has become vital for companies and other organisations in the consumer industry.

Remaining informed about industry trends helps businesses avoid missing out on a competitive edge, while mitigating the risk of falling behind. Most importantly, it enables proactive identification of opportunities, strategic adaptation, and heightened success.

Discover the TrendRadar: The Future Consumer below by clicking on the coloured circles that each represent a (macro) trend:

How we created the TrendRadar: The Future Consumer

The TrendRadar: The Future Consumer is based on a screening of industry trends, their assessment by consumer experts, and categorisation by different levels of urgency. Our trend screening was based on desk research, a trend database, and interviews with various industry experts, which led to the classification of six mega trends (overarching categories) and 32 macro trends (concrete manifestations).

In the assessment, Deloitte professionals and external industry experts evaluated the trends against two criteria: the impact on industry and the time of mainstream adoption. As a result, each trend falls into one of three categories:


Trends have a high to very high impact on the industry. The date of mainstream adoption is expected in the near future or has happened already. If companies have not yet reacted to these trends it is high time to act.


Trends have at least a medium impact on the industry and a medium timeframe of mainstream adoption but are not high in both criteria, such as they are in Act trends. For those trends, companies should actively prepare.


Trends either have a very low to low impact on the industry or their mainstream adoption is not expected in the near future. Trends in this category should be on the watch list.

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The Future Consumer

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Overtime, the TrendRadar series will be extended to a wide range of industries and topics.

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