Industry Solutions

Drive operational improvements, enhance business strategy, negotiate market challenges, and revitalize customer experience with Deloitte’s suite of software-as-a-service solutions.

Deloitte brings deep industry knowledge to the design and implementation of relevant software-as-a-service solutions, helping organizations thrive amid disruption in sectors such as banking, health care, insurance, and beyond.

Digital CARE leverages leading-edge solutions to power the operational effectiveness of health-care organizations. Transform care delivery, quality, and patient engagement with a range of strategic solutions that include system selection, benefits and value realization, operational transformation and workflow redesign, systems integration, clinician engagement, and large-scale program management.

Deloitte’s Life Science Research & Development services help life sciences clients navigate challenges such as patent cliffs, increasing regulation and faltering R&D productivity, and develop winning strategies for new-product innovation and business growth. Our services focus on defining and deploying technology solutions to support R&D activities, and include implementing Deloitte’s technology solutions such as ConvergeHealth.

Banking is a complex industry facing widespread technological disruption, and organizations need to stay ahead of the curve. Deloitte’s Digital Banking Solutions leverage game-changing digital technologies to bring agility and efficiency to banking operations and energize customer engagement. Working across retail and commercial banking areas—including transactional banking, wealth management, lending, capital markets, and cards and payments—our solutions range from selection, planning, operational improvement, implementation, and the operation of core technologies.

Deloitte’s Insurance Core Systems Transformation services drive administrative and operational improvements in the insurance industry through the implementation and operation of enterprise technologies. Our specialists will guide you through the selection, planning, deployment and operation of a range of vendor solutions.

Ask us about these and other Emerging Industry Solutions to discover the power of industry-specific solutions to transform your business.

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Accelerating insurance innovation in the age of InsurTech

Insurance companies value modernizing systems, improving policyholder experience, and developing new products, platforms, and services. However, many insurers focus more on enhancing legacy systems than true innovation. This report explores what’s keeping insurers from innovating and how to view InsurTechs as innovation partners, not vendors to set the stage in becoming an insurer of the future.

Are consumers already living the future of health?

Pandemic-accelerated trends in consumer behavior have the potential to transform various aspects of the health care system. How can organizations meet consumers’ changing needs and move toward the future of health?

Banking & Capital Markets

Deloitte brings together professionals with diverse experience to provide customized solutions for clients across all segments of the banking and capital markets industries. We serve our clients locally, while drawing upon the firm’s considerable global resources and industry expertise.

Bank of 2030: Transform boldly

To be successful, the bank of the future will need to embrace emerging technology, remain flexible to adopt evolving business models, and put customers at the center of every strategy. Learn how we can help you transform boldly.

Change the patient experience

Find out why the opportunity to connect with patients and healthcare systems to deliver better treatment and economic outcomes is more possible today than ever before.

Connect. Converge. Cure.

ConvergeHEALTH is committed to creating learning health care systems that connect patients, providers, researchers, regulators, and payors across digital platforms to make value-based, personalized health care a reality.

COVID-19 Consulting resources for leaders

Deloitte’s Consulting practice provides insights to help your organization respond, recover, and thrive from COVID-19.


Deloitte’s insurance group brings together specialists from actuarial, risk, operations, technology, tax and audit. These skill sets, combined with deep industry knowledge, allow us to provide a breadth of services to life, property and casualty, reinsurers and insurance broker clients.

Life Sciences & Health Care

Rapid transformation in the life sciences and health care industry requires firms to strike a balance between patient’s demands, market potential, and policy compliance, while continuing innovation. We offer holistic solutions that help clients remain competitive in this constantly evolving market.

The future of virtual health

As virtual health gains momentum, it is becoming a core component in helping consumers improve or maintain their well-being, as well as playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and treatment of illness.

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