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International Women’s Day 2023


Published date: 8 March 2023

At Deloitte China, we adhere to ALLIN strategy by promoting initiatives including Women Leadership Development, Panel Promise, LGBT+, gender diversity, and emotional wellbeing. We have also refreshed our employee value proposition (EVP) to embrace Development, Caring, Happiness, and Inclusion that creates a fair, inclusive, and diverse work environment.  

There are often inequalities behind conventional thinking in life and work. When we take these for granted or deem them reasonable, we can neglect opportunities for women to play important roles and overlook their outstanding achievements. Thinking beyond convention is the premise for breaking limits on women's identity and power. International Women's Day is not only a day for celebration, but also a symbol reminding everyone of us to break biases, open our eyes and hearts, and make joint efforts to #EmbraceEquity.  

We encourage all of you to participate in our Women Leadership Development series and fulfil Deloitte's Panel Promise. Action matters. Let's embrace equity and make an impact that matters to our clients, people, and society. 

Women Leadership Development Series: From budding to blooming

This session is based on research into Chinese women leadership and will guide participants to discover their leadership traits, think about their career paths, and unleash potential. 

Panel Promise

Deloitte China has been promoting and practicing the Panel Promise since 2020. The initiative was launched by Deloitte AP to achieve gender balance at all kinds of events. Boosting diversity is not only the right thing to do, but also good for the firm's healthy development. Every voice matters. We can achieve a better future by embracing diversity and inclusion.

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