The Boao Forum for Asia 2019


Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2019

Deloitte in the news at Boao

The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2019 opened on 26 March 2019. Deloitte delegates participated in multiple sessions, as well as shared their expert views on hot topics under the theme "Shared Future, Concerted Action, Common Development" with major financial media. 

David's interview with CGTV

In an interview with CGTN, Deloitte Global Chairman David Cruickshank emphasized that globalization has long brought opportunities and challenges to the world's economic growth, with China as a key contributor. He also highlighted the dominant role of the service sector in the free trade system. (Source: CGTV)

David's interview with CCTV-2

After attending the "Opening up the Service Sector" session, Deloitte Global Chairman David Cruickshank was interviewed by CCTV's finance channel (CCTV2). He noted the great potential of China's service sector, adding that free trade zones (FTZs) will inject more vitality into it. Over 50% of global trade comes from services, much more than the 30% contributed by manufacturing, prompting his positive view on the future of services. Turning to Hainan's FTZs, David said, "The advantage of FTZs is that they act as a stimulus for new activities of all types, and I think this province (Hainan) has benefited hugely from that. Just look around, it's beautiful, and I think there's plenty of potential for more services and businesses around tourism, and also some of the free trade that goes on here." (Source: CCTV2)

Patrick's interview with Phoenix Satellite Television

After hearing Premier Li Keqiang's speech, Deloitte China CEO Patrick Tsang was interviewed by Phoenix Satellite Television, sharing his insights on China's easing business environment under the new Foreign Investment Law, as well as the expanding investment and capabilities of multinationals in the Chinese marketplace. (Source: Phoenix Satellite Television)

Vivian Jiang's interview with CGTV

In her interview with CGTN on the first day of the BFA Annual Conference, Deloitte Asia Pacific Clients & Industries Leader and Deloitte China Vice Chairlady Vivian Jiang highlighted Deloitte's confidence in China's further opening up and deeper multilateral cooperation, sharing views on how to help foreign investors seize opportunities to develop in China under the new Foreign Investment Law. (Source: CGTV)

Vivian Jiang's interview with CBN

Deloitte Asia Pacific Clients and Industries Leader and Deloitte China Vice Chairlady was interviewed by CBN about China's new Foreign Investment Law, suggesting it is set to create a level playing field for foreign investors through measures that protect their interests and open up more areas of the economy. She also expects the new law to push Chinese companies to compete for market space in a "competitively neutral" environment. Foreign investors usually go through three stages—"In China", "with China" and "for China"—she said, adding that many foreign companies are setting up R&D centers in the PRC and changing their approaches in response to consumption upgrading.

William Chou's interview with Tencent

In an interview with Tencent, Deloitte China Vice Chair and National TMT Industry Leader William Chou shared insights on TMT and Shanghai's Sci-tech Innovation Board, offering constructive suggestions on financing for China's SMEs. (Source: Tencent)

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