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AI to the rescue?

Emerging Technologies

The Issue

How can organisations stay 1,000 steps ahead when technology is advancing so rapidly? The Australian Department of Defence wanted to ensure that frameworks were in place to manage all technologies that were emerging left, right and centre.

Career Managers within the Navy People Group were overburdened with highly manual and monotonous tasks. This was affecting the customer experience of Navy employees who felt their career path was not valued by the organisation.

There had to be a better way.

The Solution

It was a focus on answering a question around: how can the time of a Career Manager be more aligned to customer service and less on manual tasks?

The Deloitte team worked collaboratively with the Navy People Career Management Agency and Directorate of Navy Workforce Requirements teams to scope, design, configure, test, and pilot Automated Assistants.

It was all about driving a transition to an AI-augmented workforce.

The Impact

The Deloitte team were involved in a detailed investigation into a number of “use cases” for AI Assistants in the Navy. The research identified and prioritised five target processes for Wave 1 and six processes for Wave 2 within the Navy People Branch for AI design and deployment. These were selected for automation based on high returns, rapid realisation, and low risk.

On completion of the two Waves, the project will have delivered: 11 AI Assistants, redesigned workforce elements, a benefits and change management program and the scoping and implementation of plans for successive waves.

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