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  • Tapping into the GBA: Top 5 challenges facing the Insurance industry and our recommendations
    Priorities and preferences of insurance products for the Greater Bay Area (“GBA”) mainland GBA consumers are influenced by recent shifts in digital and wellbeing, accelerated during COVID-19, requiring innovation in services and products to cater to their specific needs. There are unique, complex challenges facing the insurance industry which are critical to their success in the GBA market. Varying customer acquisition, talent management, complex regulations and taxation policies are all factors for new entrants to consider in order to thrive in this environment. Hence, a comprehensive understanding is vital for insurance providers to navigate through and enjoy the full benefits offered by the latest policy and regulations.
  • GBA market trends and opportunities for the Insurance industry
    To attract international companies to set up their business in the GBA, the specific incentives provided by governments and regulators span from company benefits to individual employee perks, encompassing a wide range of benefits beyond pure financial assistance. The policy support and growing market demand encourages establishments of insurance services in the GBA as well as innovation in cross-border insurance products and services. This video shares the changes in the GBA post-pandemic such as the market trends, opportunities for insurers, as well as potential implications to be addressed.


  • Microelectronics in Hong Kong: Innovate in a world-class research hub and accelerate through the GBA
    With the rapid proliferation of consumer digital electronics and smart devices, semiconductor is becoming an increasingly vital part of the global economy. Hong Kong has played a vital role in advancing the research and development of microelectronics, with top researchers making distinctive breakthroughs in this blossoming industry. Strategically located in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Hong Kong connects one of the most comprehensive semiconductor value chains globally, which provides a platform for the end-to-end development of microelectronics.
  • Capture business opportunities in Hong Kong's thriving I&T ecosystem
    Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) and Deloitte Advisory (Hong Kong) Limited (“Deloitte Consulting”) are delighted to present this in-depth analysis of Hong Kong's current I&T landscape. Leveraging Deloitte Consulting's professional and industry expertise, the report highlights Hong Kong's milestones in I&T and its immense potential to transform into an international I&T hub, and features insights and perspectives from a host of I&T sector stakeholders, all of whom play vital roles in shaping Hong Kong's I&T sector.
  • Whitepaper GBA Outlook: Opportunities in Insurance jointly published by Deloitte China and BOC Life
    Customer behaviors and preferences towards cross-boundary insurance vary across different cities hence insurers should consider specific, city-based approaches to capture customers, according to the whitepaper GBA Outlook: Opportunities in Insurance jointly published by Deloitte China and BOC Life. 
  • New Go Public Launches!
    Deloitte China's Capital Market Services Group is pleased to present its new Go Public  brochure!
  • An essential guide to SPAC listings in Hong Kong out now!
    Deloitte China's Capital Market Services Group ("CMSG") is proud to present its latest publication, An essential guide to SPAC listings in Hong Kong. The publication is a guide for companies that are considering a special purpose acquisition company ("SPAC") listing, and introduces the new listing regime for SPACs in Hong Kong, its lifecycle and key features. 




  • Get ready for Wealth Management Connect in the GBA
    Deloitte and CPA Australia have today published the Get ready for Wealth Management Connect (WMC) in the Greater Bay Area report. It explores the GBA wealth management market, including its key economic parameters, the market positioning of potential participating banks, arrangements for the WMC based on the policies already announced, and potential challenges and opportunities.


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