Microelectronics in Hong Kong: Innovate in a world-class research hub and accelerate through the GBA

Publish Date: 14 October 2022

With the rapid proliferation of consumer digital electronics and smart devices, semiconductor is becoming an increasingly vital part of the global economy. Hong Kong has played a vital role in advancing the research and development of microelectronics, with top researchers making distinctive breakthroughs in this blossoming industry. Strategically located in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Hong Kong connects one of the most comprehensive semiconductor value chains globally, which provides a platform for the end-to-end development of microelectronics.

At the Capturing business opportunities in Hong Kong's thriving Innovation and Technology Ecosystem on 13 October 2022, InvestHK and Deloitte Consulting presented the new report illustrating the breadth and depth of microelectronics R&D and commercialisation opportunities in Hong Kong, driven by outstanding researchers, industry partners, start-ups, and investors, with the support of the HKSAR Government.

The report also outlines the opportunities for businesses in the microelectronics value chain, in particular leveraging Hong Kong as a gateway to the GBA’s manufacturing capabilities and massive customer base.

Thank you to all of the stakeholders in Hong Kong’s microelectronics sector who contributed their insights and perspectives.


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