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Deloitte, HSBC and Walmart team up for a 2nd year to support the development and advancement of future women leaders in Southern China

Published: 3 August 2018

Following the successful launch of their Network of Executive Women (“NEW”) Cross-Organisation Mentorship Program in 2017, Deloitte, HSBC and Walmart have continued their partnership for a second year to promote gender diversity in the local marketplace and support women’s empowerment in Southern China. The opening ceremony was held on 15 June.

This year, the number of participants increased from 100 to more than 160, indicating progress on corporate gender awareness. The collaboration will facilitate mentorship and networking across the three organisations, aiming to support female employees as they embrace opportunities and challenges in their personal and career journeys.

"Our overarching vision is to support the development of future female leaders and provide more opportunities for female employees. As we venture into our second year, we remain committed to our goal of empowering women, facilitating their growth and enhancing the visibility of female leaders. For the wider community, it's important that our women colleagues' network, share and learn with each other," said Sarah Chin, a Deloitte Tax Partner and mentor.

"We hope to expand this network, giving our women colleagues a great avenue for the support and resources to realise their dreams," she added.

“We have learned so much from our pilot year and built quite a remarkable network of champions for female talent development and diversity. We believe in sustainably growing in a way that will continue to bring value to the network and to help our women talents reach their full potential,” said Eva Law, HSBC Chief Accounting Officer, Asia Pacific.    

Dawn Ptak, Vice President and Corporate Controller Walmart China, added that “Walmart is committed to supporting diversity and inclusion, which includes women leadership.  This mentorship program is a great platform to allow participants to develop their skills, obtain support on their career journeys and expand their networks.  We are very excited about beginning the second year together, especially with the expanded participation.  Both the mentors and the mentees are able to benefit from this program; we encourage the program participants to connect with each other and remain very active to get the most benefits from the program.”

During the 12-month mentorship program, participants are invited to connect and exchange ideas through a variety forums and events. The program will utilise one-to-one mentoring and mentoring circles, along with social media platforms and program-wide events to explore this year’s overall theme of “Growth and Innovation”.

Empowering women requires transformative shifts, collaborative approaches and innovation solutions. That is why this year, the “NEW” mentorship program aims to equip participants with the skills to achieve personal growth and prepare for new challenges in the digital age.

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