World Economic Forum (WEF)

Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) 2019

1-3 July 2019, Dalian, China

Artificial Intelligence insights

AI stands to disrupt industries fundamentally – from business models to value chains.

AI, robotics, edge computing. We are only at the beginning of understanding the power and potential of emerging technologies. Connection will accelerate your growth from linear to exponential.

China has become the world's fastest developing and active AI market. AI has penetrated multiple industries and fields, offering traditional industries new opportunities to accelerate transformation, as well as stimulating technological and business model innovation.

Deloitte China Chief Digital Officer Joseph Chu talks about key drivers of AI's development in China from the perspectives of politics, capital and talent.

Dr. Paul Sin, Deloitte Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab Leader, provides insights on how exponential technology developments are changing the financial services industry.

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