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Our Recruitment Process

Your first step to making an impact 

Step 1: Online application
Your first step is to complete your profile and application form through a mobile device or computer. This will take about 30 minutes and is your first chance to impress. You’ll be asked to provide us with details of your education, positions of responsibility and work experience, and career motivation.


Step 2: Online tests
As part of your application, you’ll sit a series of online tests. These include a Cognitive Test, Psychometric Questionnaire, Cultural Fit Questionnaire and English Writing Task. We’ll invite you to take the tests once your application has been shortlisted. You may be invited to do a validation test at the later stage of the assessment.


Step 3: Group assessment or interview
Once you pass the online test, you’ll be invited to attend an assessment center. This includes a group discussion. If you're overseas and are unable to attend the assessment, we'll contact you separately to discuss alternative arrangements.

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