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Human Capital

Help organizations manage and sustain their performance, and enhance the overall employee experience through their most important asset: PEOPLE.

Organization Transformation: You’ll help clients accelerate their pace of organizational transformation by focusing on restructuring their organizations and preparing their workforces to be agents of change, as well as attract the right talent and leaders, assessing and developing them, motivating people to deliver their best, and retaining them, all of which are fundamental to our impact on clients’ success.

HR Transformation: You’ll help clients clearly define, structure and implement a uniform, high-quality, cost-effective HR service model, supported by technological approaches that enhance efficiency and performance. You will help them redesign the future of HR with major shifts in mind-sets, roles, capabilities and digital enablers.

Workforce Transformation: You’ll help clients tailor compensation, benefits, incentive strategy and career path planning to provide them with a clear direction and constructively motivate their workforces. You be involved in developing strategies that reimagine all aspects of workforce management, from accessing, aligning, engaging, rewarding, and ultimately leading, the workforce of the future.

Actuarial: You’ll provide actuarial services to insurers as well as employers, with actuarial modelling, liability valuation, financial forecasting, M&A, pricing, advanced analytics, pensions and capital management.

An Open and Honest Point of View about Deloitte Consulting!

Deloitte has a fair and transparent performance appraisal and promotion system. In the Deloitte culture, I am more focused on my work and create more value. Meanwhile, the Courage advocated by Deloitte encourages us to take responsibility, dare to express opinions, practice and challenge the status quo, which also enables me to confidently take on new challenges, achieve rapid growth and co-development with the firm.


       Tie, Xinxin
       Manager | Consulting
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In Deloitte's performance management system, coaches are no longer just rating our performance, but help us navigate our career development path. Friendly coaches and team leaders make communication and feedback in daily work smoother. They were tolerant of my mistakes at the start of my career, and set an example for me to follow. This has enabled me to be courageous, challenge myself and continue to grow.


       Owen Wu
       Senior Actuarial Consultant | Consulting
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Deloitte's culture of innovation, courage, and inclusion has helped me make the most of what I have been able to do in my career. Every encounter with new projects, clients, partners, coaches and colleagues is a stimulating and enriching experience that empowers me to take on new challenges with courage.


       Hsu Hillman
       Manager | Consulting
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