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Roger Liu

Beijing Office | Tax | Manager


Please introduce yourself, Roger.

I joined Deloitte Beijing Tax in 2011 and went to Kuala Lumpur office in April 2017 for secondment. I returned to Beijing office in April 2018.


As a graduate in law, why did you join Deloitte's tax team?

Deloitte is an absolutely great platform for people who are willing to work hard to achieve their career goals. Firstly, Deloitte has a very comprehensive career development path and a global resource platform. Secondly, there are countless outstanding colleagues to work with you, allowing you to learn a lot of things. Some say tax advisory seems dull. In fact, this professional service area is full of fun and challenges. It requires not only tax knowledge, but also the integration of different areas including finance, law and business.


You mentioned that tax service is fun. Can you tell us more?

Simply speaking, it is not only the tax knowledge and tax laws that you can learn more about, but also all the aspects of how a company runs. For example, when I was in Beijing, I did a lot of tax due diligence projects in which I had to do interviews with the target company's staff to understand how their business operated and why those tax issues arose. We then could utilize our tax knowledge to help them solve their real problems. This is a very fun and fulfilling thing to me.


Let's talk about your secondment in Malaysia.

During the secondment, I was working under the Chinese Services Group (CSG) team, serving Chinese companies in Malaysia or those planning to enter the Malaysian market. Under the “Belt and Road” initiative, Malaysia has become a very popular investment destination for Chinese enterprises in the past two to three years. A large number of infrastructure, engineering and manufacturing companies have been attracted to the country, and the Chinese and Malaysian governments are both giving priority to these projects. To Deloitte, there are plenty of opportunities to provide professional services to companies looking to go global by leveraging our CSG and global network.

My biggest reward during this secondment is the ability to learn quickly. I need to acquire new knowledge and new skills, apply them to work, and reflect them in the service we provide. All these gains do help me after my return to Beijing.


Did you expect your accomplishments today when you first graduated?

Frankly speaking, no. One thing I would like to tell the recent graduates or final year students is that "You can't go far without exploring the world". Only down-to-earth effort is the one and only way to succeed, no matter what you do. If I gave up or retreated when I encountered difficulties at work before, I might not have this secondment opportunity in 2017, nor would I have such a valuable opportunity to upgrade myself and develop a global vision.

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