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Our people come from diverse academic backgrounds. We are all driven by the same desire—to make an impact that matters. In this digital era, attracting top talent from STEM majors and bringing talented women into STEM fields are high priorities for Deloitte, as we help our clients shape the future of business and work itself amid rapid technological change and transformation.

At Deloitte, you will have ample opportunities to build your career. We will help you shape your future.

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As an information management and systems graduate,I am passionate about digital technologies and innovation. Joining Deloitte, a global leader in professional services firm, will allow me to apply my STEM background to contribute to digital transformation projects, utilize analytical and problem-solving skills, and understand and apply emerging technologies to optimize business processes. For STEM students interested in joining our field, Deloitte is a perfect place for you to start your career.

Alyssa | Information management and systems
Audit & Assurance

One of the keys I held is the knowledge – actuarial, statistics, business, … – accumulated since I was a student in the Insurance, financial & actuarial analysis (IFAA) programme. That had indeed been the most powerful key in my earlier career. Fast forward a couple of years, there are newer keys labelled "programming", "technology exposure", "story-telling", … and the list goes on. 

As a STEM graduate, you have the advantage and good training on how to solve "puzzles" with a range of different approaches.   But yet, always good to be more open, be more curious to what's happening around you and in the world – the keys will come to you and aid you sometime in your career and life.

Eric | Insurance, Financial & Actuarial Analysis

My Engineering and Management background taught me more than just theory and practical skills; it also taught me how to think creatively when solving business problems. My numerical and analytical skills can make it easier for me to work out complex modelling issues and to draw insightful conclusions from a gigantic bulk of data.

Henry | Civil and Environmental Engineering & Management
Financial Advisory 

I joined Cyber with a background as an Engineer. Besides the diverse topics I explore in the Data & Privacy team across IT control review, privacy impact assessment, and regulatory compliance for multinational clients across industries, I also deeply appreciate Deloitte's open, encouraging, and supportive culture. This became especially true when I became a mother of a beautiful baby girl during my journey in #DeloitteCyber.  Being a full-time working mom is not easy, but when I look back on my journey in Cyber and envision my future, my mind is filled with beautiful memories of my daughter. I realized that happiness is the driving force of my work and should be everybody's too. As a "Cyber mom," I believe we can make a better Cyberworld for the next generation to thrive..

Echo | Engineering
Risk Advisory

The "software engineering" skills I acquired as a STEM student were invaluable in digital projects and helped me find my place in the team. In my first project, I used automated tools to process a large amount of data for a group of companies in a short period, which not only established me as an "expert" on the team but also developed good work habits that will benefit me for life. With digital technology and methods evolving continuously, I now serve customers from various industries and have broadened my horizons. After all these experiences, work is still fresh and enjoyable.

Roger | Soft engineering

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