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Our people come from diverse academic backgrounds. We are all driven by the same desire to make an impact that matters. Attracting top talent from the STEM subjects is a high priority for Deloitte as we help our clients shape the future of business – and the future of work itself – in this era of rapid technological change and transformation.

As a Chemical Engineering graduate, would I want to work with chemicals every day? I'm glad I joined Deloitte on graduation and over the years my leaders have empowered me to make decisions and respond well to challenges. I'm more inspired to unleash my potential in the all-encompassing commercial world than in the laboratory.

Sunnie Sy (chemical engineering graduate)
Shenzhen Office | Audit & Assurance | Partner

The meaning and value behind code are more important than that speed of programming. Deloitte's professional environment has helped me maximize my potential and reach personal milestones. The work is not just about programming but creating a complete solution.

Helena Wang (management information system graduate)
Beijing Office | Risk Advisory | Associate Director

When it comes to industrial design, I'm really interested in the market and business solutions. Deloitte provides platforms and opportunities to help me see market trends and design solutions that take into account business objectives.

Lennon Cai (automotive engineering graduate)
Shanghai Office | Consulting | Manager

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