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Opportunities for STEM majors at Deloitte

Our people come from diverse academic backgrounds. We are all driven by the same desire—to make an impact that matters. In this digital era, attracting top talent from STEM majors is a high priority for Deloitte as we help our clients shape the future of business and work itself amid rapid technological change and transformation.

As a Tech student, you will have ample opportunities to build your career. We will help you shape your future.

What are the opportunities for STEM majors at Deloitte?

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Opportunities for STEM majors

Deloitte has a good platform and it allows me to learn different industry knowledge through working with different engagements.  People explore, learn and share and grow here together.  This is a place where I can apply my professional knowledge together with data analysis methods and models, giving me more opportunities for my personal development.

Li Ruijie (Statistics)
Beijing Office | Assurance

Deloitte Consulting has helped maximize my curiosity and reach personal milestones. Every project I have been involved in has presented a chance for growth and transcendence as Deloitte is a constantly innovating and diversifying firm.

Deloitte's comprehensive training program and the guidance and support of fellow project partners during my work have continuously supported me to improve. Deloitte has also organized various activities to increase employees' happiness, allowing me to experience Deloitte's delightful culture, address anxiety, and grow resiliently. At Deloitte, the future is worth looking forward to.

Koey Zhou (Information systems)
Chongqing Office | Consulting

As an information systems graduate, I am glad to be part of Deloitte Financial Advisory, where I can apply my technical and business knowledge. The team also encourages me to present innovative ideas to clients and gives me the chance to sharpen my professional skills.

Thomas Ho (Information systems)
Hong Kong Office | Financial Advisory

I took advantage of what I learned in my STEM major—logical thinking and engineering combined with mathematical tools to serve clients and address their needs. At the same time, I understood more about different aspects of the automotive industry, and these experiences have illuminated my personal growth. 

As a STEM graduate, if you want to make good use of your competencies to help companies in any industry solve their problems, Deloitte is a great place for your to start your career.

Darren Wang (Financial mathematics)  
Shanghai Office | Risk Advisory

The "software engineering" skills I acquired as a STEM student were invaluable in digital projects and helped me find my place in the team. In my first project, I used automated tools to process a large amount of data for a group of companies in a short period, which not only established me as an "expert" on the team but also developed good work habits that will benefit me for life. With digital technology and methods evolving continuously, I now serve customers from various industries and have broadened my horizons. After all these experiences, work is still fresh and enjoyable.

Roger Qu (Soft engineering)
Shanghai Office | Tax

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