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Audit & Assurance

Alex Cho, Senior

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

I am a Deloitte 'baby". I was a Deloitte Club member when I was studying at City University of Hong Kong and my membership gave me the opportunity to learn more about this profession, especially life at Deloitte. My internship experience in Audit also helped deepen my passion for developing a career in this profession. Audit is constantly changing and I never get bored. My focus is now in financial services.


Name one thing about your team that inspired you

Throughout my daily work, in addition to working with my team mates, I also have many opportunities to collaborate with Audit teams from other offices. We support one another and face challenges head-on to make an impact together every day.


Name two things you're proud of as a Deloitte Auditor

As a Deloitte Auditor, I am given a variety of agile learning resources to help me develop my professional, technical and leadership skills.

There are no limits to how I can learn and grow, and create my own career. We are also using innovative audit tools to automate and standardize processes, allowing me and my colleagues to focus on our clients and our own development. I can think creatively, work with others to solve problems, and offer deeper insights.

Every day I am happy to work with great colleagues and clients, and carry out our engagements. Working collaboratively, I cover many diverse industries. As each faces a different set of risks, I can learn a huge amount and progress very quickly.


Describe Audit & Assurance in three words

  • Smart – we have smart technology and do smarter audits.
  • Courage – we have the courage to be accountable, resilient, and can help our clients adapt and win in a changing world.
  • Integrity – this underpins what we do, and as a professional we must uphold it forever.

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