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Blacky Liu, Consultant

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

Hello, I am Blacky from Consulting. I joined Deloitte Consulting on graduation in 2017 and am a Consultant in the Supply Chain & Network Operation team. Our team focuses on providing end-to-end supply chain consulting, including procurement and supply network planning.


Describe your team in one sentence

Consulting—to deliver strategy-driven, practical solutions for clients including strategy, operations, and human resources, information systems, and digital transformation.

Deloitte Consulting provides clients with end-to-end consulting services. From top-level strategic planning, to business operations, to the implementation of digitalization and information systems, we are one of the few providers of end-to-end consulting in the Chinese market.


Name two exciting experiences in your digital journey

I worked on a digital transformation project optimizing and digitalizing the overall financial planning and forecasting process. The objective was to help our client use historical business data for future financial and operations data forecasting and simulations. C-suite and management could obtain insights into the data model, and carry it through the decision-making process.

Another project I was involved in was providing digital solutions for the retail industry.

By leveraging a big data analysis model, business results could be predicted. The model also provided solutions for markdown strategy and contributed to inventory clearance.


What are your top three tips for new graduates?

  • Be proactive. Make others get to know you quickly.
  • Be a fast learner. The pace of work at Deloitte is quite fast. Being a fast learner can help improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Be open-minded. At Deloitte, you have the opportunity to meet different colleagues from different backgrounds. Everyone has their own working style and way of thinking. By keeping an open-mind you can adapt quickly.

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