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Financial Advisory

Estella Chu, Manager

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

I graduated from the University of Southern California and previously worked in Deloitte's Los Angeles office. I now work in M&A Advisory in Shanghai.


Describe your team in one sentence

We provide clients with comprehensive, one-stop, financial advisory services covering M&A and Value Creation & Crisis. M&A transactions include corporate financing advisory, business due diligence and transaction advisory services; valuation and modelling services; and post integration management. We also provide forensic accounting, restructuring services, regional economic services, real estate services, and infrastructure and capital project financial consulting.


Name an exciting experience in your digital journey

The valuation and modelling business line I work on is developing an intelligent drafting system to overcome pain points that affect efficiency and quality. This helps to deliver services better and more competitively, and meet related regulatory requirements.


What kind of clients do you work with?

The clients I serve are mainly large state-owned enterprises with cross-border investment and merger and acquisition needs, and foreign-funded companies established in China by multinationals with merger, restructuring, or financing needs.


What are your top three tips for new graduates? 

  • "Take ownership of your job". At Deloitte, we have our purpose—making an Impact that Matters. If you wish to become a professional consultant, you must always hold the spirit of ownership and help clients by solving problems and creating value. You should continue to improve yourself and subsequently build your own skills and experiences.
  • Continue to learn and innovate. We are in an era with constant uncertainty and change. Traditional methodology and experiences might not be useful. Therefore, we must have a humble attitude, learn throughout our lives, and constantly enhance our professional knowledge. At the same time, we must dare to devote ourselves to innovation. We should practice and explore new working methodologies.
  • Be self-motivated, devote your enthusiasm to your own career, maintain organized and efficient work habits, and persevere to see qualitative change.

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