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Risk Advisory

Kenneth Wang, Senior Consultant

Can you tell us about your background and what area of Deloitte you work in?

I graduated from National Taiwan University in 2019 with a Master's degree in Finance and am an FRM licensee. This is my second year at Deloitte and I work in the Account Control team, focusing on data governance, big data analysis, and other fields of the financial services industry. I often travel to different cities to meet clients and colleagues.


Describe your team in one sentence

Smart risk control – through digital control, we help companies respond quickly and develop rapidly, and by managing risk more effectively these organizations unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for their stakeholders.


Name two exciting experiences in your digital journey

Last year I was involved in a digital transformation project for a financial services client. From the initial consultation to implementation, it was instructive for me to truly see the value in how digital drives change for our clients.

This year we hosted live-streaming shows, which brought together more than 11 areas of different insights, including smart risk controls, strategic risk, and cybersecurity. As one of the hosts, I came into contact with a variety of innovative digital products.


What is your favorite project you have worked on? 

I participated in a bank's digital transformation project in 2020. There were two things that attracted me most about this project: First, it was not only a traditional Consulting project, but also a project providing consultancy services to implementation. Second, I collaborated with the client from “zero” and we moved to “one” together, creating an independent data department and ensuring its agile operation. The whole process had the sense of a start-up.


What are your top three tips for new graduates? 

  • Problem solving skills. In each project, we face various problems or emergencies, and there are no model answers to any problem. Learning to proactively identify and analyze problems, and propose reasonable solutions, is important to improve your personal ability and for your future development.
  • Teamwork. When you start a new project, each project team is almost a brand new team, and cooperation across different regions and business lines is normal. Therefore, it is essential to quickly adapt to co-exist with colleagues from different backgrounds.
  • Communication skills. In addition to answering questions for clients in daily projects, we increasingly need to proactively connect with potential customers, understand their demands and make professional suggestions.

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