Future of Mobility Publications

  • Future of Automotive Sales and Aftersales - Impact of current industry trends on OEM revenues and profits until 2035
    The global automotive industry is on the cusp of a monumental transformation. Besides technological trends in the area of connected car, e-mobility, and autonomous driving, we can observe significantly changing customer preferences in terms of mobility usage and buying preferences. Hardly any expert questions these developments, but what was missing from our perspective was a holistic understanding of what these trends really mean to the sales and aftersales business of an established original equipment manufacturer (OEM)–very concretely in terms of revenues and profits.
  • Digitalization, Impact the Future: Aftermarket Industry Transformation - 2020 White Paper of China Auto Aftermarket
    Auto stock market in China is poised to emerge as the world's largest single market, with both large scale and rapid growth attracting attentions of an increasing number of companies and capital. According to all-round analysis in policy, capital, customers and business logic, Deloitte automotive sector team published Digitalization, Impact the Future: Aftermarket Industry Transformation – 2020 White Paper of China Auto Aftermarket, sharing Deloitte's insights and judgement to the future trend in auto aftermarket industry transformation.
  • 2019 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study
    As part of Deloitte’s latest Global Automotive Consumer Study, thousands of consumers shared their views on critical issues affecting the automotive sector.
  • The Future of the Automotive Value Chain: Supplier industry outlook 2025
    This study focuses on possible developments in supplier market volumes, their underlying trends as well as their implications for decision makers. We are bringing valuable support to the table for automotive decision makers to support them in times of great uncertainty.
  • The Future of the Automotive Value Chain: 2025 and beyond
    In this report, we discussed what the most important drivers of future value chain developments are and how the automotive leaders make investment decisions during the uncertain times, in order to have know-how, production capacity, and stable supply chains in place once markets demand them.
  • Future of Captives: What will be the core businesses for Automotive Captives in 2030?
    The report sheds light on the possible developments and core business in the Captive industry. Our goal is to support our readers and facilitate decision-making in times of great uncertainty, to enable Captives not only to survive, but to come out on top of the disruption lying ahead.
  • Asia Pacific perspectives from Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study
    This report focused on Asia Pacific consumers perspectives on electric vehicles and autonomous driving vehicles, as well as their attitude and experience in purchasing a vehicle, which can help companies prioritize and better position their business strategies and investments.
  • Accelerating technology disruption in the automotive market
    With an analysis on the value and practical applications of blockchain in the automobile industry, this report explores the blockchain opportunities, and helps shape the understanding so businesses can develop the most appropriate approach.


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