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We regularly publish thought leadership to help our clients understand the ever-changing industry. With a dedicated team of professionals focused on research, analysis and reporting, we aim at providing you with insightful industry perspectives.

  • China automotive aftermarket logistics service insights
    The development potential of automotive aftermarket is being unleashed as China's automotive market matures. Auto accessories business is playing a greater role in the development strategies of automotive OEMs, and is set to become a key segment in future market competition.
  • Catering Industry Transformation Driven by Consumption Upgrade
    The report pointed out that stable consumption growth has strengthened the long-term development of the catering market and has attracted more and more capital and cross-border competitors. We believe that China's catering industry will enter a new era of diversified development and competition in the next couple of years.
  • China Logistics Industry Investment Promotion Report 2015-2016
    This report provides a comprehensive analysis on four aspects of China’s logistics industry in 2015-2016, including industry development and competition status, transformation into lean logistics, ways of development for efficient logistics in the Internet age, and capital impetus for the industry development.
  • Investment Promotion Report of China's Logistics Industry 2014-2015
    In the report, we complete a comprehensive analysis on the current development and competition status of China's logistics industry and the differentiated development of logistics supply chain across different industries. The report also demonstrates the investment trends in China's logistics industry.
  • China's express sector development report 2014
    A look at the current status of China's express service market and an overview of the capital market in China's express sector, as well as an outlook of the industry 
  • A Restoration in Hotel Loyalty: Developing a blueprint for reinventing loyalty programs
    This survey of over 4,000 travelers provides surprising insights into hotel guests’ travel behaviors, attitudes, and engagement preferences.
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