Global perspectives for private companies

Plans, priorities, and expectations

Getting involved in the era of revolution, the wave of digitalization and globalization is sweeping through the whole business world. Seeing that the circulation and scale of resources has reached an unprecedented, our world is experiencing a deep level of more interconnected than ever before. Collectively, private companies are a growth engine for China and even the world. With this report, we'd like to share more than the insights for private companies' development and their domestic markets, but hope to commitment to help more private companies see the world through that lens.

The Report

This report was conducted by Deloitte Private, it is our first global business survey to better understand the dynamics of the private companies' market segment by tracking the plans, priorities, and expectations of almost 1,900 private company leaders in 30 countries.


Viewpoints / key findings

The main contents of this report as below:

  • Operating in sync. For the first time in a decade, the major economies of the world are moving as one. Though many respondents are a world apart geographically, their expectations and investment plans are closely aligned.
  • Driving disruption. Digitization can undercut existing business models, no industry is immune. And disruption from non-traditional competitors is likely in the next two to three years.
  • Compressing the learning curve. Though technology has come, people are still critical for many business functions. Moreover, battles intensifying for a shrinking pool of skilled workers.
  • Maturing M&A motivations. The opportunities to enter new global markets and to expand and diversify the client base become main drivers for M&A activities.

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