New technologies leading the innovation of oil retailing

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The report

"New technologies leading the innovation of oil retailing" is developed by China Consulting Team specialized in oil & gas sector. How could the retailers of refined oil set best development strategies under the trend of decreasing sales prices? How could they differentiate themselves in the competitive market? The report put emphasis on new technologies in the sector of refined oil retailing, and provides practical solutions of innovative development.

Viewpoints / key findings

Basing on current supply and demand situation, domestic refining capability has made great progress in terms of production scale and degree of integration. Meanwhile, domestic demand has been declining in the past five years.

The report elaborated in four dimensions regarding the review and prospect of the oil retailing market of refined oil, including:

  • Frequent adjustment of oil prices
  • Continuous innovation of non-oil retail market
  • Increasing profitability of oil retailing
  • Acceleration of the upgrade in oil quality

How could the retailers of refined oil set best development strategies? The keys are "differentiation" and "intelligentization".

  • Differentiation should be the core of development strategy. It is realized by differentiation of network, products, services and excellent customer experiences.
  • Intelligentization serves as solid basis for the strategic development of "customers" and "brand".

Intelligentization contributes to industrial innovation with the development of new technologies, including:

  • Electronic payment in oil retailing
  • Customer management based on big data
  • Revolution of informatization driven by Cloud technologies
  • New engine of logistic management – Internet of Things
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