Tracking the trends 2018 

The top 10 issues shaping mining in the year ahead

The Report

"Tracking the trends" is a popular series of mining report from Deloitte mining team. The industry trends presented in the report presenting insights to management teams and stakeholders in large mining enterprises.

Tracking the trends 2018 - The top 10 issues shaping mining in the year ahead ("TTT 2018") is one of the important mining thought leadership prepared by DTT global mining team. It examines the top 10 issues miners may face in the coming year. Our global mining professionals once again share their experiences to help identify strategies mining companies can take to smooth out the recovery and minimize the industry’s historical boom and bust cycle. This year, our professionals also share their views on some of the potential industry disruptors which may be on the horizon.

Over the past decade, commodity prices reached both historic highs and lows, mining companies engaged in both significant acquisitions and consolidation, and operational realities shifted irrevocably in the face of a digital revolution. For an industry considered staid, change has been surprisingly constant. However, unlike previous cycles, mining companies appear to have learned from the lessons of the past. In paving new paths for the future, the aim now is to change for the better.


Viewpoints / key findings

  1. Bringing digital to life
    Using data-driven insights to drive value
  2. Overcoming innovation barriers
    Charting a path towards innovation maturity
  3. The future of work
    Re-envisioning talent management in the digital age
  4. The image of mining
    Changing public, employee, and customer perceptions
  5. Transforming stakeholder relationships
    The growing need to achieve measurable social outcomes
  6. Water management
    Finding sustainable solutions to a pressing issue
  7. Changing shareholder expectations
    Investors demand greater accountability
  8. Reserve replacement woes
    Finding a balance between caution and courage
  9. Realigning mining boards
    New skillsets are needed to help drive transformation
  10. Commodities of the future
    Predicting tomorrow’s disruptors


Key questions this report addresses:

  • How can a digital nerve center help miners improve planning, control, and decision making?
  • How can collaborative ecosystems help miners resolve the innovation conundrum?
  • How are digital solutions poised to transform the nature of work for the mining workforce?
  • What are the behavioral changes that some leading mining companies are demonstrating to rebuild trust?
  • How can mining companies bring value to their local communities and transform stakeholder relationships?
  • To enhance their approach to water management, what strategies should mining companies focus on?
  • What methodologies can enable mining companies to manage their stakeholders’ shifting expectations?
  • What are some of the measures that will help miners make better investment and divestment decisions?
  • How can mining companies ensure that their boards are properly constituted to support transformation?
  • How can miners assess which commodities to invest in and which to divest for future growth?
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