Financial Crime


Financial Crime

We can help assess our client’s current approach and work with them to develop an improved financial crime operating model.

Anti-Money Laundering Advisory / Financial Crime / Sanctions

We provide guidance and support on designing, reviewing and evaluating Anti-money laundering (AML) policies, systems and control procedures, in order to protecting clients against the legal, financial and reputational harm. Our services encompass:

  1. Preliminary and in-depth risk assessment
  2. Suspicious transactions reporting and large value transactions reporting
  3. On-going monitoring and periodic review of accounts
  4. Staff awareness trainings
  5. Oversight/ compliance/ internal audit
  6. Retention of records for the purpose of sanctions compliance
  7. Post assessment assistance

APAC Financial Crime Strategy & Response Center

For several decades, Deloitte member firms have been at the forefront of performing services that make an impact that matters to their clients—including many of the world's leading financial institutions as well as governments—in dealing with the myriad of business and compliance issues presented by financial crime.

Deloitte member firms are well-positioned to help create and implement financial crime prevention solutions. Deloitte’s financial crime prevention network spans across 700 cities in nearly 150 countries and across our primary business lines. There are over 10,000 professionals in the Deloitte network with deep technical knowledge in many aspects of financial crime detection and prevention who regularly draw on their deep financial services experience.

Deloitte’s APAC Financial Crime Strategy and Response Center focuses on market leading advisory and response solutions for financial services institutions.

APAC Financial Crime Strategy & Response Center

On 1 December 2015, Deloitte China Forensic Financial Crime Strategy Team hosted the first "Deloitte APAC Financial Crime Strategy and Response Network Seminar" at JW Marriott Hong Kong on global and regional financial crime regulatory landscape and how financial institutions can position themselves to respond to regulatory requirements efficiently and effectively.  In addition to having Mr. Tse Man Shing, Director of Corruption Prevention of Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), as our key note speaker, we have our Global and Regional Forensic Partners attending the Seminar.

Mr. Tse delivered a presentation on "Development of Corruption Prevention in Private Sector – ICAC’s Experience" and shared with the audience on an overview of the key financial crime issues in Hong Kong and the dealing with these issues from ICAC's perspectives.  Followed by a panel discussion hosted by the leadership of Deloitte Asia Pacific Financial Crime Strategy and Response Center and moderated by Tim Phillipps (Deloitte APAC Forensic Leader and Deloitte APAC Financial Crime Strategy and Response Centre Leader), panel members and participants were encouraged to share their views and experience in dealing with key financial crime issues and in responding to regulatory changes.  Panel members included Don Fancher (Deloitte Global Forensic Leader), Ed Rial (Deloitte US Forensic Leader), Dave Gilles (Deloitte US Anti-Money Laundering Practice Director), Ivan Zasarsky (Deloitte China Financial Crime Strategy and Response Centre Leader), and Richard Williams (Deloitte China Forensic Partner).

The Seminar was well-received by over 100 delegates from leading global commercial banks, global investment banks, and other global and regional financial institutions.  The participants were primarily risk managers, business controllers as well as front-line bankers and brokers.  The Seminar was not only stimulating and informative, it also turned out to be an excellent platform for networking and exchanging insightful ideas and developments on the market issues.

During May to September 2014, Deloitte held Financial Crime Strategy conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. These were proceeded by conferences held in Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong earlier in the year. Delegates were given an overview of the financial crime challenges they face, and the steps needed to successfully deal with those challenges. On the day, delegates listened to presentations and were asked polling questions throughout the day.

The event — chaired by Deloitte Australia’s Lead Financial Crime Partner, Ivan Zasarsky — brought together clients from a range of industries. There were presentations from a number of Deloitte and industry experts on the regulatory environment, industry trends, analytics, technology and strategy. The audience also listened to panel discussions from fraud, and anti-bribery and corruption experts, as well as Deloitte leaders from across Consulting, Risk Advisory, and Deloitte Analytics.

The panel sessions opened the floor to questions from the audience. This allowed participants to share their views on the main issues they are encountering in financial crime.

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In March 2014, Deloitte held Financial Crime Strategy conferences in Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong. This was followed by the first of the Australian events held in Sydney during May 2014. Delegates listened to presentations and were asked polling questions throughout the day before attending interactive ‘breakout’ sessions after lunch.

The breakout sessions were based on the Deloitte Greenhouse client experience - structured sessions which bring participants together in a state of the art space to build consensus and confidence with clear and actionable outcomes, achieving in a matter of hours what might otherwise have taken months.

Delegates spent 15 minutes with four sets of facilitators. Discussion was focused on key financial crime strategy themes – barriers, drivers, risks and analytics. The objective of the sessions was to allow participants to share their view on the main issues they are encountering in financial crime.

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Three-part series on the benefits of a holistic financial crime strategy with Ivan Zasarsky

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