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Our events

Our events and seminars cover a diverse range of business topics in all industry sectors, presenting a valuable opportunity for our participants to interact with our seasoned professionals, and to gain insight into today's hot issues.

Deloitte Academy WeClass

Nowadays, confusion and difficulties among foreign companies operating in China are increasing with the coronavirus outbreak and resumption of work. Based on positive feedback from clients, Deloitte is summarizing its professional experiences in serving foreign enterprises over many years to launch "How to make steps from survival to thrival on COVID-19? " Weclass is English-language platform that provides insights for multinational enterprises.

Date and Venue:

March 2020 | Online Webinar

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Key China Programmes

Deloitte China is committed to supporting forums that facilitate thought leaders from government, business and academia to work together for economic growth and sustainable development in China, Asia, and globally, for mutual and long-term success.

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