Banks on the move

Midwestern China the regional service delivery location of the future?

This white paper is a response to China’s Financial Services opening-up policy and the associated strategic considerations of banking players willing to increase their footprint in Mainland China.

Many financial institutions are considering expanding their footprint on Mainland China following the announcement to further open up the financial industry to foreign institutions. From a bank's perspective, Mainland China has remained an alluring and viable service delivery option due to its well-educated labor pool, rising innovation and technology focus and an acceptable cost-base.

It is expected that the support needs of banks in Greater China will continue to grow, which raises the question − where in Mainland China should banks invest in service delivery center capabilities?

Deloitte looked at the historic service delivery center footprint for multinational banks, domestic banks, and IT service providers as well as trends in location strategy decision factors. This report focuses on four key regions for banking service delivery centers, both traditional and emerging locations with a focus on the rising Midwest.

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