Global Human Capital Trends 2016

The new organization: Different by design

Drawing upon the findings from Deloitte’s largest survey of more than 7000 business leaders and HR executives in 130 countries across the world’s major economic regions, we have identified the critical and emerging trends of human capital, providing diversified solutions to new challenges confronting HR and business leaders globally.

Through detailed research and analysis, senior members of Deloitte’s Human Capital team have identified 10 global trends, including “Organizational structure”, “Leadership awakened”, “The gig economy”, etc.


10 Global Trends

  • Organizational structure: The rise of team
  • Leadership awakened: Generations, teams, science
  • Culture: Shape culture, drive strategy
  • Engagement: Always on
  • Learning: Employees take charge
  • Design thinking: crafting the employee experience
  • HR: Growing momentum toward a new mandate
  • People analytics: Gaining speed
  • Digital HR: Revolution, not evolution
  • The gig economy: Distraction or disruption?

China Data Analysis

China has more positive expectation than Asia and the world in terms of business outlook of 2016. 77% of Chinese respondents are looking for growth in 2016, much higher than 72% in Asia and 70% in the world. As for the future investment in HR, 55% of Chinese respondents think they will increase the investment in HR, higher than 51% in Asia and 49% around the world. However, our report also reveals a series of problems confronting Chinese companies. For instance, Chinese companies still have huge capability gaps in Leadership awakened, People analytics, and Engagement.

Today, business and HR leaders have to accelerate the pace of change in order to meet a series of emerging challenges of human capital. Companies should be more proactive in adapting new organizational model, namely “network of teams”.

Deloitte believes that global business and HR leaders can prioritize these global trends and seize the opportunities and potential advantages in disruptive changes of human capital globally. How do we design new organizations of new era? How do we win the potential advantages in the emerging trends of human capital? Deloitte is looking forward to hearing from you.

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