Deloitte Consulting Shares Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends at SAP SuccessFactors 2019 China Summit

The SAP SuccessFactors 2019 China Summit was held in Hangzhou on 18 April. As SAP SucessFactors's highest-level conference in China this year, the summit gathered business leaders, academics and executives from Deloitte clients to discuss the future of digital HR transformations and related strategies. Deloitte Consulting attended the summit in its role as a leader in HR digital transformations and event sponsor. Deloitte China Chief Talent Officer and Asia Pacific and China Human Capital Consulting Leader Jungle Wong was invited to share the latest Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Report on stage.

SAP SuccessFactors 2019 China Summit (Source: SAP)

Jungle said, "With the rapid change in science and technology, economy and society, organizations must move beyond mission statements and social impact programs to put humans at the center of their business strategies and learn to lead social enterprises. This year, we have focused not only on the why and the what, but also the how."

He went on to explore comprehensive ways for enterprises to seek diversified approaches to innovation, such as enhancing employee interaction and enthusiasm, emphasizing personalized employee experiences that help them establish their identities and bring new meaning to their work.

The 10 human capital trends for 2019 can be organized into three actionable categories, Jungle added. The first deals with the future of the workforce: how organizations should adapt to the forces restructuring jobs and work design, the open talent economy, and leadership. The second deals with the future of the organization: how teams, networks, and new approaches to rewards are driving business performance. The third deals with the future of HR: how this function is now stepping up to the challenge of redesigning its capabilities, technologies and focus to lead transformations not just within HR departments but also across enterprises.

At last, Jungle suggested, "Depending on the organization’s readiness and need to change, reinvention can happen in one of three ways—refresh: update and improve the way you work now; rewire: create new connections that change the way you work; or recode: start over and redesign from scratch."

Deloitte China Chief Talent Officer and Asia Pacific and China Human Capital Consulting Leader Jungle Wong delivers his speech (Source: SAP)

As the sponsor of this summit, Deloitte Consulting also got the opportunity to take part in a panel discussion with SAP Senior Vice President and SAP China General Manager Sam Li. Jungle Wong, together with Deloitte Consulting SAP Service Line partners and colleagues from the HCAS and Alliance Management Teams, attended the meeting. At the start of the panel, Sam affirmed the long-standing close cooperation between Deloitte Consulting and SAP, strongly agreeing with the trends in China's human capital, competition pattern, enterprise strategy and response measures proposed in the Deloitte report.

Next, Jungle expressed that human capital consulting and leading human capital enterprise software solutions (such as SAP SuccessFactors) are Deloitte's strengths, adding that he hopes to further cooperate with SAP to explore the market and find new opportunities.

Finally, Andy Zhou, Deloitte Consulting SAP Service line partner and Cherry Zhou, Vice President of SAP China, discussed the future model of cooperation between the two sides that will help them win out in the market. This will involve combining Deloitte HCAS (Human Capital Consulting Service) customer base and market position with the growing SAP SuccessFactors implementation consulting team and the influence of SAP sales teams on customers.

Deloitte Chief Talent Officer Jungle Wong's team meets SAP Senior Vice President and SAP Greater China General Manager Sam Li's team

Outside the main venue, Deloitte's booth also showed participants' latest solutions related to Deloitte's HR digital transformations. Deloitte professionals exchanged insights on their HR digital transformation journey directly with customers.

Deloitte's Booth at the SAP SuccessFactors China Summit (Source: SAP)

Deloitte will strengthen collaboration between the HCAS and SAP SuccessFactors teams to help enterprises in their HR digital transformations, creating a more brilliant future through the efforts of both sides!

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