Deloitte Benchmark Survey & Diagnosis 2018 for Workforce Planning and Labor Cost Management

About the survey

Labor cost control is one of the difficult challenges in operation and management of business. Optimizing labor cost can improve the core competence of a company efficiently. Meanwhile, it is extremely essential to gather and analyse extensive amounts of information in order to make proper business decision. However, the reality is that it is difficult to obtain useful benchmark data regarding workforce planning and Labor cost management in China.

Therefore, Deloitte Consulting have conducted Benchmark Survey & Diagnosis regarding workforce planning and Labor cost management last year. More than 150 companies have participated in it, and we received much favourable comment.

We analysed the data received and provided the participant companies a report, which gave important and helpful information for participant companies to manage workforce planning and labor cost.

Deloitte Consulting will conduct the Benchmark Survey & Diagnosis 2018 regarding workforce planning and Labor cost management this year, and we sincerely invite you to participate.

Four values participant companies will gain:

  • Understand the level and position of HR productivity in the market
  • Master KPI information of competitors such as back-office staff ratio, which are vital to improve HR productivity
  • Utilize the survey as inputs to search for improving directionality of HR productivity
  • For the participant company last year, you can compare the statistic with last year's and analyze the differences

The benchmark survey report will be provided free of charge only to participant companies around January 2018.

※The aggregated data based on the participant companies' answers of the questionnaire will be categorized and organized by country, region, industry, the number of employees, scale of sale, etc. (Approx. 150 pages)

※ It is recommended that the parent company fill both of the monomer data and the group's overall data. At the same time, we also welcome the parent company to forward the survey information to your subsidiaries for more accurate data analysis.


Application period

Until Dec. 15th, 2017


Response period

Until Dec. 29th, 2017


Survey target industries

  • Automotive-related Industries
  • Technology, Media & Telecommunications
  • Consumer Businesses
  • Financial Industries

※ Companies from other industries can also apply to participate.


Application/Survey response

Please apply for the survey by scanning the QR code or visiting the following website: 

  • Please noted that the survey is provided by Chinese, English and Japanese.(※ The English bilingual questionnaire will be released in November)
  • After your application is accepted, we will notify the survey response procedure.
  • In addition, survey response and submission can be completed online.
  • We may need to contact you for further clarification on your response via email.

※ As for the application and imputing answers through the URL above, your data will be protected by encrypted SSL communication.


Contact info for inquiries

Please feel free to contact the person in charge below if you have any inquiries.

  • E-mail:
  • TEL: 010-8512-4361 (direct)
    Chinese Service: HU Jian, FU Taoran
    Japanese/ English Service: KONNO Yasuhide, ZHOU Ruiqi
    *Please call from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. (Weekdays)

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