Reward & Benefit


Rewards & Benefits

We help enterprises better understand how to leverage compensation, benefits and career path planning to increase their productivity and profitability and improve the implementation of the existing systems.

We adopt structured process and provide reliable framework to evaluate the efficiency of the existing systems and improve the existing compensation systems; and we leverage integrated approach to design plans and help enterprises set the best portfolio of compensation, benefits and career path planning in an effort to provide employees and enterprises with the maximum returns and improve and implement incentive systems. 

Executive compensation and benefits

  • Strategic design of senior executives' total compensation
  • Design of senior executives' long-term incentive mechanism
  • Design of senior executives'benefits system
  • Plans of enterprise annuity and retirement pension

Employee compensation and benefits

  • Job analysis
  • Job evaluation
  • Design of employees' fixed salaries
  • Design of employees' variable salaries
  • Design of employees' benefits
  • Design of dispacted employees' compensation and benefits
  • Design of compensation adjustment mechanism
  • Compensation management policy

Compensation and benefit governance

  • Total compensation Budgetary management
  • Compensation and benefits governance (HQ&Subsidiaries ) 
  • Cross-regional compensation management mechanism
  • Salary management of key talent

Long-term incentive mechanism

  • Overall planning of long-term incentives
  • Comparison and selection of long-term incentive tools
  • Advice on tax planning of long-term incentives
  • Evaluation of incentive tools and accounting treatment approval of long-term
  • Assisting in reporting and communication for incentive plan
  • Annual review and adjustment of long-term incentive plan

Sales force effectiveness

  • Analysis of sales behaviour
  • Design of key performance indicators and target values of selling
  • Design of sales commissions
  • Design of sales bonuses
  • Design of incentive mechanism of sales supporters
  • Design of incentive mechanism of sales managers