Deloitte was presented the International M&A Advisor Award - "Best M&A Integration Service Provider" Year 2017

Deloitte Consulting China Strategy & Operations M&A team led by Keat Lee, has recently won the International M&A Advisor Award - "Best M&A Integration Service Provider" Year 2017, a benchmark for deal making excellence in cross-border investment, on the 16th Annual M&A Summit run by a Global M&A association, The M&A Advisor, in New York City on 13th Nov 2017.

The award was presented to Deloitte China M&A Consulting team for its outstanding contribution to a signature deal of a Chinese company acquiring a leading Australian luxury consumer product company under an USD$1.3B deal. The judging committee gave unrivalled recognition to Deloitte Consulting China for its endeavors in maximizing the synergies in the deal, leveraging insightful resources, cross-border collaboration and solid M&A expertise in consumer industry with functional depth covering Finance, Supply Chain, IT, HR and Commercial.

This deal provided a glimpse of how Deloitte facilitates Chinese company going global. Fully aided by flexible applications of tools including Walk-the-Wall™ (Interdependencies alignment tool), M&A Integration Blueprint, Poll Everywhere and STAR® (proprietary synergy assessment and tracking tool). The project team provided comprehensive strategy plan and synergy implementation support to secure win-win solutions for overall business transformation and development need of both parties.

According to Deloitte, there are 5 key considerations when conducting M&A integration:

  1. Start with the end in mind - Clear Vision. Clearly Aligned Integration Blueprint.
  2. Use Centralized Direction and Support - Unambiguous Program Governance with centralized decision making process through Integration Management Office.
  3. Business Continuity – Plan for Issue Free Day 1 with robust Integration Plans derived down to key objectives by function.
  4. Culture Integration – Respect each other's culture differences, proactively stabilize workforce and retain key talent.
  5. Expand, accelerate, manage value capture - Relentless, initiative based approach to drive synergy.

We expect increasing cross-border M&A activities by Chinese companies seeking synergy with international business partners in the global market. Deloitte is committed to helping Chinese clients adapt to the changing dynamics, harness thriving opportunities and fully achieve desired values through outbound transactions. 

The M&A Advisor presented Keat Lee, Deloitte China Consulting Partner, with the International M&A Advisor Award
The 16th Annual M&A Summit Award Ceremony
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