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Enhance customer intimacy by using smart emotional connection

Harvard Business Review China

The innovative progress of information technology has brought benefit for enterprises to enhance their work efficiency, in the meantime it also inevitably drifts apart customers due to the neglect of emotional connection.  As enterprises revisit their customer management strategy, customer intimacy has become an important factor in differentiating themselves and remaining competitive in today's ever changing market landscape in China.

Deloitte Consulting Strategy and Operations practice recently published an article on customer intimacy in the Harvard Business Review China.  The article authored by Dr. Marco Hecker and Dr. Thomas Schiller talks about how to smartly use customer emotional connection to enhance customer intimacy. 

The authors think that in the internet era, customers not only play a customer role but a business partner and guide.  Enterprises need to timely adjust their roles and positions in a flexible and effective way when communicating with customers.  The article discusses Deloitte's point of views on three major aspects that enterprises should focus on when communicating with customers in order to maintain close contact with customers and enhance customer emotional connection.  

Read the full article. (in Simplified Chinese only)

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