Real Estate - October 2018

The Report

The report was originally published by Deloitte Luxembourg and was translated into Chinese by Deloitte China Real Estate team. The report featuring insights and thoughts on the transformation of real estate industry ranging from regulatory, digitalization, technology, spotlights on China property market, co-working and outlook for 2019 commercial real estate.


Viewpoints / key findings

Real Estate Investment Management Sector

Digital technologies have significant potential for more efficient processes and new business models. Company works at various levels along the entire value chain to take advantage of their opportunities. In this context, partnerships with innovative startups play a significant role.

2019 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Technology innovation and evolving preferences of investors, tenants, and end-users seem to be redefining traditional commercial real estate (CRE) business models and the use of built space. Take the example of WeWork, the co-sharing space owner that is positioning itself as a "services" company rather than a property owner-operator.

Spotlight on China's Property Market

China has the biggest internal market in the world with 1.4 billion people and real estate industry has been a significant pillar of the national economy in China. The development of the Greater Bay Area provides opportunities for investors on large-scale infrastructure. The real estate and construction sector has become an important market, attracting foreign investors from across the globe to China.

Independent Non-Executive Directors in real estate

As yet, there is no specific organization for real estate focused INEDs. With growth in the number of larger real estate funds, and the expectation of many investors, this would justify a specific organization for real estate INEDs.

Disruption in the corporate real estate market

Tech disruption has pushed Corporate Real Estate onto the strategic agenda. Another solution to the Corporate Real Estate function's cost optimization objective is employing co-working space. The article explores the benefits and implications that the quickly evolving co-working industry segment presents for Corporate Real Estate decision-makers.

Major changes on the way in the UK

As the UK moves toward BREXIT, there is another major change on the horizon for real estate investment in the UK which is due to take effect shortly after the exit date. The UK government intends to extend the scope of the UK capital gains tax to include direct and indirect disposals by non-UK residents of all immovable property (i.e. land and buildings).


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