Risk Advisory Services

Real Estate Services

The overriding message from the recent credit and financial crisis is that no one is immune. Could the crisis have been prevented?  What's next and when?   With the recent corporate failures or collapses of many high profile companies, many of which were perceived to have advanced risk management practices and programs in place, boards are now having second thoughts and rethinking what went wrong and why?  Many boards and executives are feeling very uneasy as their risk environments are changing almost daily.  

Companies now need to give risk management their greatest attention, and emphasise even more the value of improving the ways that risk is anticipated and actions are taken to increase resilience to risk.  Simply put, organisations that are most effective and efficient in managing risks to both existing assets and to future growth will, in the long-run, outperform those that are less so.

To assist you in meeting the challenges in the real estate market, as well as increasing expectation regarding the Board's oversight role, our specialists with local knowledge and international expertise will help you to address the factors that affect the success of your risk management and internal control program, including personnel, processes, technology, accountability, communication, and monitoring, as well as other issues. We provide the following services:

  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Internal Audit Services
  • Due Diligence Review of Internal Controls under the Revised HK Listing Rules
  • Contract Risk & Compliance
  • Accounting & Control Services 
  • Regulatory Readiness and Facilitation Compliance Services (e.g. US-SOX, J-SOX, C-SOX etc )
  • IT Governance and Due Diligence Review
  • Computer Audit
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • ERP Control Services
  • Secure ebusiness
  • Security Services