Deloitte Consulting Wins the 2019 "Best M&A Management/Integration Award"

The 16th China M&A Annual Conference was held on December 6th 2019 at Beijing Kerry Hotel and Deloitte Consulting Strategy & Operations (S&O) M&A team has won the "Merger and Acquisition Management/Integration Award" in the signifying moment. This special award is the most reputable award in the China M&A industry, recognizing professional service team for assisting client to maximize their value generation through post deal integration. This is the third consecutive year that Deloitte Consulting China team won the award following 2017 and 2018. Deloitte is the only Consulting firm that has won this award for three consecutive years under the theme of assisting Chinese companies going abroad. Keat Lee, Partner of Deloitte Consulting M&A Service Line attended the award ceremony and delivered his speech.

Deloitte Consulting Strategy & Operations M&A team wins the "Merger and Acquisition Management/Integration Award"

Keat said: "This award is not only an honor awarded to Deloitte, but also a mission for us. As the most recognized consulting firm with global reach and rooted in China we inspire to help Chinese companies going abroad to "aim further", "expand stably", and "achieve higher goal" during their globalization process. Under the trend of digitalization, AI and Big data transformation, we are dedicated to help Chinese companies to generate value through post-merger integration. "

Keat Lee, Partner of Deloitte Consulting M&A Service Line receives the award as a representative
Keat Lee, Partner of Deloitte Consulting M&A Service Line delivers his speech

This award was presented based on the project of "Post Merger Integration for JINJIANG in building a global e-commerce platform". The judging committee awarded Deloitte based on the outstanding contribution from Deloitte Consulting China S&O M&A team to the client after the merger with Radisson Hotels and the Louvre Hotel chain. This project was delivered jointly by Deloitte Consulting M&A team together with Deloitte Consulting SAP team, and Deloitte System Design & Implementation team, led by project partners Chen Weihao, Dai Brent, Tang Lianjiong; project manager Zhang Zhongjie, project members Qin Xingyun, Shang Yuchen. The judging committee gave unrivalled recognition to the team for its endeavours in maximizing the synergies, leveraging insightful global resources in China and Europe with industry depth, collaborating across different external parties to help client building innovative business model post-merger. The project team also delivered a comprehensive integration strategy plan and implementation roadmap for the client to ignite the overall business transformation momentum, and subsequently built a foundation of truly global operating business for the client. This project is a typical representation of the end-to-end solution Deloitte Consulting provides to clients, and unravel the unstoppable ascent of Deloitte as an undisputed leader in the post-merger integration market.

Deloitte Consulting M&A team will continue to leverage its extensive market depth, global network, industry knowledge and rich experience in the field of M&A integration to help client create value and maintain a leading position in the process of globalization.

About Deloitte Consulting Strategy & Operation M&A Services

Deloitte Consulting M&A service line is committed to becoming the undisputed leader in the M&A post-merger integration and separation market, providing services span across the M&A lifecycle from inorganic growth strategy,carve-out diligence, integration & separation planning & execution, joint venture operationalization and operational restructuring.

From the M&A services perspective, Deloitte Consulting has unparalleled advantages in terms of firm infrastructure, service commitment and global expertise. Especially in the areas of post-merger integration, the team has extensive global reach, industry depth and and local knowledge. In recent years, Deloitte has provided clients with services and realized value in the field of M&A integration services across industries including energy and resources, automotive, consumer goods, financial services and other industries. Deloitte Consulting has been highly recognized by clients and widely praised by the industry for the value it delivered to the market, highly appreciated by clients serviced and recognized by the China Mergers and Acquisitions Association.

About China Mergers & Acquisitions Association

The China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CMAA) is a non-profit and non- governmental organization approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The "China M&A Special Award" selection has been held by the CMAA for twelve consecutive sessions since 2007, and has become the most reputable award representing the highest level of the China M&A industry.

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