Customer Strategy & Design

Whether your marketing team is digitally fluent, or just beginning to make sense of the digital universe, our specialists can help you navigate a profitable path through new digital customer business models, new digital experiences, and transformational end-to-end digital strategies.

Ask yourself: What does it mean to be a customer? Our answer would be: To be a customer means to be human.

The Human Experience approach to the customer experience can transform the way you perceive and interact with customers in every touch point through the moments of that experience.

Think of it as adding emotional intelligence to the data-driven insights that inform your customer strategies. Just as digital technology has opened the door to connect with customers as individuals, Deloitte Digital can help you enhance those personal connections with human-centered products, services, and experiences that engage and excite your customers, both on-screen and in person. 

We will work with you to best use data, design, and creative assets, combining ethnographic insights with agile methodologies to envision, create, and test new offerings. 

Even if your business is still finding its way in the digital world, our teams can help you navigate a profitable path forward through customer understanding, new business models, state-of-the-art experiences, and transformational, end-to-end digital strategies.

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Jiao Xu

Jiao Xu

Deloitte Consulting China Customer Strategy & Design Offering Leader

Jiao Xu is Deloitte Consulting China Customer Strategy & Design Offering Leader. ... More