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Leverage insight-driven strategies and advanced technology solutions to energize sales and service operations for digitally powered growth and enhance your customer relationships with immersive experiences powered by leading digital arts.

It’s a digital world, and it’s where you’ll find your customers. It’s also a crowded space, where businesses compete 24/7 for the attention of consumers. Deloitte can help you raise your game and turn your sales and service operations into digitally powered engines of growth.

Our teams work with you to imagine, deliver, and run the capabilities needed for cutting-edge, digitally enabled sales and channel systems. They’ll help you formulate your go-to-market strategy, design incentives, and deploy talent, while harnessing the game-changing power of technologies such as artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.

With customers increasingly citing service as a key driver of loyalty to a brand, your business can’t sit still when it comes to delivering memorable service experiences. Deloitte keeps you ahead of the game, helping you design and activate next-generation, digitally enabled customer service capabilities. We’ll work with you to combine the latest digital technologies with leading-edge strategies, insights, experiences, and talent to enable outstanding customer care.

Immersive digital experiences, powered by technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, are the future of the customer experience. Deloitte helps you deliver on that future now, combining technology and design with creative arts to build unforgettable human experiences — both digital and physical. One way to drive customer relationships and help boost results is by leveraging Deloitte’s Salesforce solutions team which brings state-of-the-art knowledge to every engagement. 

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Allen Wong

Allen Wong

Deloitte Consulting China Digital Customer Offering Leader

Allen leads the Deloitte Digital practice in Hong Kong as well as the Salesforce practice in the Asia Pacific region, and has extensive knowledge and experience in working with executives in the forma... More