2014 State of the Media Democracy survey - China edition

New media explosion ignited

2014 report

The first China edition of Deloitte's State of the Media Democracy survey provides unique insights into how Chinese consumers in different demographics interact with media, including TV, newspaper, social network, gaming, advertising, and digital devices. This survey is part of the Deloitte research project conducted across the globe in 2014, covering Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Spain, and the United States. In China, data was gathered from 2,000 Chinese consumers across five distinct demographics.


The viewpoints / key findings

Digital device:

Digital device addiction is high among Chinese consumers, especially with mobile devices where China leads the world in ownership of smartphone and tablet. Tablet may be the next battle ground as ownership of smartphone reaches saturation. Multi-device access technology may well become a key capability for organizations in face of device explosion.


Video and social advertising are highly influential on Chinese consumers. They do not mind being exposed to advertising across different channels so long as valuable and targeted information can be delivered to them. Interactive ads within video will be the next frontier for advertisers to tap into.

Social media:

Chinese consumers are hyper active on social media. 74% of respondents uses Internet to keep up with friends and family while 54% uses it to keep up with the news. 60% of respondents check or update their social network profile on a daily basis. Majority of Chinese consumers approve companies’ use of social networking sites.


Consumers in China watch TV from diverse sources on wide variety of devices. Multitasking while watching TV is the norm as multiple devices are vying for viewer’s attention. Consumer’s appetite for Internet-connected TV creates opportunities for organizations to engage and monetize.

Newspaper and magazine:

The demise of newspaper and magazine subscription is delayed as a sizable portion of Chinese consumers still subscribe to print. Digital version is still considered to be a bonus. Consumers are reluctant to pay for online news unless it is unique and comes with brand value they can associate with.


Gaming, online or offline, is immensely popular in China. However only 6% of consumers plays games on dedicated gaming console while majority of gaming time is spent on mobile devices and computers. Gamification may increasingly become an important component of overall branding strategy in an organization.

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2015 report coming soon

The 2015 State of the Media Democracy China Survey provides unique insight into how Chinese consumers in different demographics interact with media – including TV, newspaper, social network, advertising, and digital devices.

Coming soon in Summer 2015

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