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CBA League Commercial Performance Review White Paper

Jointly released by CBA League and Deloitte

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The Report

"CBA League Commercial Performance Review White Paper" was jointly released by CBA League, Deloitte Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry and Deloitte Financial Advisory. With a wider study on basketball industry in China, the report focuses on the development and present situation of CBA League and its commercial performance. Meanwhile, it describes the overall prospect of CBA League through in-depth survey of CBA League fans, which will bring a new vision and development opportunities for the development of Chinese men's basketball professional league.



Viewpoints / key findings

Sports and Basketball Industry

  • Driven by the government’s financial support, policy introduction, and investment, China’s sports industry has grown rapidly. League quality and commercial performance have been increased, while reforms to boost the professionalism and fairness of the league have met with remarkable success. Basketball has become a popular sport with a huge fan base. Healthy growth has attracted interest from investors with the CBA league seen as one of the top sporting properties in China.
  • A revitalized youth system and the opportunity to host the 2019 FIBA World Cup are expected to further stimulate basketball and wider interest in sports.

Data CBA At A Glance

  • The CBA League has been evolving across 24 seasons. Reforms to improve the competition have entered a new, CBA 2.0 era that is intended to secure the long term success of the league through stronger youth development and standardized contracts.
  • The results of these reforms are already evident in a league that is more balanced, unpredictable and exciting to fans. Engaging fans through traditional, digital and social media is further increasing the influence and commercial performance of the league.

CBA Commercial Performance

  • The CBA League generates not only commercial revenue but value shared with the five major stakeholders responsible for the league’s success.
  • Broadcasters, sponsors, clubs, players, and fans. These stakeholders share a common interest in the development of a sustainable and healthy CBA league.


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