Global mobile consumer trends


Global mobile consumer trends: 1st Edition

Mobile proves to be indispensable in an always-connected world

June 2016

The report

Global mobile consumer trend 1st edition: Mobile proves to be indispensable in an always-connected world is an online survey Deloitte's TMT industry conducted for the past five years. The survey focuses on consumer behaviors, trends and opinions for a broad range of wireless and mobility products and services. In addition to exploring developed versus emerging market results and key insights, the survey is also designed to highlight differences in consumer usage habits between specific countries and reveal the key trends that drive the global mobile markets.

Viewpoints / key findings

  • Mobility comes in all shapes and sizes
    Mobile device penetration and “likelihood to buy” continue to increase. Emerging market take the lead in "likelihood to buy" percentage.
  • Consumers can’t get enough mobile screen time
    Globally, we all have something in common—almost all mobile consumers check their phones within three hours of waking up.
  • Text and instant message are consumer favourites
    Across all of the countries, traditional voice service remains the most commonly used application, following by text and IM. However, text messages and instant messages (IM) are most commonly checked by consumers as the first thing every day.
  • mPayment usage is picking up speed
    mPayment usage is gaining traction globally. Enjoy almost a 50% acceptance rate of emerging market customer, develop market are relatively lower. However, approximately 40% of the consumers are concerned that mobile payments are not secure enough globally.
  • Network versus Wi-Fi—a regional preference
    In the Americas region, Wi-Fi is the preferred method to connect to the internet, while Europe and Asia-Pac prefer mobile (e.g., 4G).

Global Mobile Consumer Trends - 1st Edition

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