【MWC19 Shanghai】5G Grand Banquet is in Full Swing. Deloitte is Inviting You to Join Us for the Future.

On June 28th, 2019 Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC19 Shanghai) came to the third day of the wonderful agenda. The 5G Summit, co-sponsored by Deloitte China and hosted by Taylor Lam, Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Sector Leader, was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. The summit attracted many leaders and industry elites from hardware vendors, software vendors, device equipment manufacturers and operators.

Mr. Taylor Lam is the host of the summit.

During the discussion, Mr. Taylor Lam, the moderator, Guest Mr. Jean-Christophe Laneri, the Head of Northeast Asia of Network Solutions of Ericsson, Mr. Gilad Garon, the CEO of ASOCS, Mr. Suresh Sidhu, the CEO of edotco, and Mr. Charles Miller, the CEO of Ubiquitik, focused on "How 5G changes the relationships between mobile network operators (MNOs) and others in the value chain?" This key issue launched a fierce debate, in view of business models, business scenarios, business realisation, solutions and other key points, from the enterprise level of their views on the deployment direction. In the open question-and-answer session, Mr. Taylor Lam, the moderator, and co-guests Mr. He Wei, the Architect of Telecom Cloud & CN Product Operation of ZTE, and Mr. Mike O'Brien, the Group Vice President of Syniverse Corporate Development & Strategy, discussed questions by the audience on the commercial use of network slices, the security and privacy of GDPR data.

The focus of the Summit was a 5G-supported telesurgery, presented by a number of heavyweight guests in the medical field, and they discussed the tremendous changes and future prospects brought by 5G technology to medical care. At the same time, Mr. Yang Chaobin, President of 5G Product Line of Huawei, Ms. Asha Keddy, Vice President and General Manager of Next Generation & Standards of Intel, Mr. Han Zhigang, Co-President of H3C, and other guests brought professional sharing around the topic of 5G application cases, business logic, 5G integrated applications and technology progress in front of and behind the stage.

The discussion session, from left: Mr. Taylor Lam, Mr. Charles Miller, Mr. Suresh Sidhu, Mr. Gilad Garon, Mr. Jean-Christophe Laneri.
Question and answer session, from left: Mr. Taylor Lam, Mr. He Wei, Mr. Mike O'Brien

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless networks are expected to arrive in scale, providing faster connections for consumers and enterprises, and opening revenue opportunities for telecommunication companies. In the short term, 5G technology will be mainly applied in smartphones, modems/hotspots and fixed wireless access devices. It may take time for 5G devices to be widely used, but 2019 is becoming the starting point for a dramatic change in the wireless network industry. 5G can provide hundredfold increases in traffic capacity and network efficiency over 4G, and this has transformative potential on the future of connectivity worldwide.

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