【MWC19 Shanghai】The 5G Wave has arrived , Deloitte is with you

2019 Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWC19 Shanghai) comes to the second day. Global Device Summit Part two, held by Deloitte China and chaired by the Deloitte China Vice Chair and Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Leader William Chou , has come to a successful conclusion. During the meeting, Mr. William Chou, the moderator, Mr. Chris Barnett, Light SVP IP Licensing, and Patrick Pan, the Director of Xiaomi, presented an unique and refreshing conversation on the development of mobile devices industry, the role of enterprises in the industry, the application of interconnected automobile lidar, and the high-efficiency value of 5G in the field of interconnected automobiles. Lead the audience to enjoy the 5G enabling industry, as well as the application of science and technology to change life.

William Chou presided over the Summit and presented a speech.

At the same time, we have the honor to invite Mr. Li Huidi, EVP of  China Mobile Communications Group, Mr. Wang Hengjiang, Vice GM of China Mobile Communications Group, Kevin Ho, President of Huawei Handset Product line, Mr. Pankaj Kedia, Senior Director of Qualcomm Product Marketing, Mr. Jerry Xia, Tencent QQ Platform Product Director, Mr. Jean-Francois Rubon, Strategic Director of Gemalto, to provide their forward-looking views and in-depth insights of the mobile device industry's development, regional strategy and innovative technology.

In the afternoon, Ms. Pu Qinglu, Secretary-General of Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy, was invited to attend the “2019 China Unicom 5G Innovation Results Conference” at Kerry Hotel Pudong, to share Deloitte's insights into the market trends of the telecommunications industry based on the theme of "5G Development Trends and Monetization Exploration".

Ms. Pu Qinglu said that China has led the world in 5G deployment, and 5G officially entered the first year of commercial development after the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology officially issued 5G commercial license in June. In addition, the three major domestic operators are actively investing in 5G related construction, and the future market development prospects of 5G will be very broad. However, monetization of 5G may face a series of problems. We imagine that the future can develop more complex and diversified business models independently or in cooperation with ecological enterprises based on the characteristics of 5G network and complex ecology. For example, the implementation of intelligent transportation business operation can be led by the government, with the participation of private capital, to complete the transformation and construction of infrastructure through franchising mode, thereby improving the efficiency of urban traffic management and public travel efficiency.

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