The future of mobility


The future of mobile

"The future of mobile" is an annual global study led by Deloitte. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the supply and demand relationship between consumers and mobile digital devices, it points out the opportunities and challenges that operators, equipment manufacturers, application developers and enterprises in mobile telecom industry are facing.

Deloitte's point of view for telecom operators, devise manufacturers and application developers on how to deal with the rapidly changing consumer behavior so as to drive the profit based on the analysis of the consumers' behavior at 4G networks, smart phones, mobile APP, mobile payments, and other wearable device.

Here is a summary of our key findings:


  • 4G is becoming mainstream

- Early adopters and early considerers are the driving forces behind 4G adoption

- Trend followers and necessity buyers likely the next battleground for 4G adoption

- Adding differentiated services on top of the network will allow operators to gain more revenues

  • Choices - “Price + network quality key”

- Exploring innovative operating models to keep quality/price ratio high important for operators

- Consumers remain “loyal” to operators; Selling to existing customers is crucial to profit


  • Purchase channel  - “From offline to online”

- Online channels will eventually take over offline channels while changing the value chain

  • Smartphone ownership dominant among digital devices

- Continuous innovation and production capability are critical to meet consumer demands

- Consumers are highly addicted to using smartphones

  • Mobile App  - “Fatigue continues”

- Differentiated of Apps is increasingly difficult without breakthrough

- Consumers are reluctant to pay for mobile apps; Diversified revenue sources will help app developers reduce risks

  • Mobile ad conversion rate will most likely continue to rise
  • The value “after the click” far outweighs “before the click"

 Value-added services

  • Mobile payment - “Small payment rules”

- Targeting younger age group would be fruitful for mobile payment ecosystem players

- Developing wide array of application scenarios is key to success for ecosystem players

- App-based mobile payment solution leads hardware-based

- Security and ease of use big barriers to mobile payment adoption

  • Mobile banking - “Slow adoption”

- Younger age group showed more willingness

- 3rd part and bank likely to continue dominance in customer trust

Internet of Thing

  • Manufactures will need to promote more to get consumer on board
  • Consumers are open to share controlled usage information
  • Connected drive – practical features over “nice to haves”
  • Manufactures will need to continuously innovate to stay ahead of the crowded market
  • “Connected home entertainment” and “connected individual devices” are IoT devices most likely to become popular in the next 3 years 

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