Deloitte Will Make Its Debut at the PT Expo China 2019

31 Oct - 1 Nov 2019 | Beijing

Heavy pounds! Deloitte China will make its first appearance at the PT Expo China 2019(PTEXPO).

It coincides with the issuance of 5G commercial license in China, officially entering the first year of 5G. Many partners are increasingly looking forward to the application of 5G in various industries. They want to know more about the practical application scenarios, business forms and even business models of 5G and other emerging technologies. On the occasion of PTEXPO, Deloitte is taking part in the digital transformation of the industry, bringing professional business value insights and the latest trend of 5G related technology industry, and working with industry leaders to create a better future.

Deloitte Agenda





Oct 31


ICT Leaders Forum

Area C, First Floor, Multifunctional Hall

Oct 31


AI Summit: Embracing AI’s New Ecosystem

Area C, Third Floor, Room 311

Nov 1


Round Table of the World Smart Driving Summit 2019

Area C, Third Floor, Room 311

Nov 1


5G Summit: the First Year, Unveiling the Commercialization Era

Area C, First Floor, Multifunctional Hall

During the exhibition, Deloitte will cooperate with ICT China High Level Forum 2019 to get in touch with ICT Leadership Forum, AI Summit: Embracing AI’s New Ecosystem, Round Table of the World Smart Driving Summit 2019, and 5G Summit: the First Year, Unveiling the Commercialization Era, which will bring speeches or round-table dialogues. Deloitte will share views and discuss with industry experts on the development trend of relevant industries in the 5G era.

As a leading professional consulting firm, Deloitte has long been deeply engaged in the fields of technology and telecommunications, with rich industry experience and comprehensive cross-domain service capabilities. Under the background of 5G wave and AI technology development, with professional research ability and analytical skills, we can gain insight into the industry development trend and the latest strategic deployment, and help enterprises to maintain a leading position in the changing technology wave.

AI Global Vision

In May 2019, the "Future in the balance? How countries are pursuing an AI advantage" was released. Deloitte surveyed IT and line-of-business executives from companies that are early adopters of AI. By examining early AI adopters through a global lens with measuring the global pulse of AI, this survey obtains a global view of how organizations are adopting and benefiting from AI technologies.

5G Deep Participation

In December 2018, the "Spectrum portfolios in a 5G world" was released to demonstrate the importance of proper valuation of spectrum portfolios in a 5G world. On May 8th, 2019, Deloitte signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ZTE to seek new developments in the 5G era.

Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy

In May 2019, Deloitte 5G Next Generation Application Academy was established, aiming at uniting China telecom operators to serve top clients and enable them an overall digital transformation by 5G technologies.

Deloitte & PTEXPO First Show and Intelligent Connectivity clash passionately in the future. Meet in early autumn, we will see you there!

During the same period of PTEXPO 2019, there will also be more than ten forums, seminars and promulgation activities covering hot topics such as network innovation, artificial intelligence, intelligent driving, smart family and future cities. Through the direct Information and Communication Industry and traditional production and consumption fields, the actual needs and pain in vertical fields will be solved, and will meet a promising future.