Deloitte Consulting Demonstrates Digital Capabilities at 2019 SAP Brewing Industry Annual Summit

On 10 May 2019, the 2019 SAP Brewing Industry Annual Summit was held in Yibin, Sichuan. Deloitte Consulting, as the leader of digital transformation and event sponsor, participated in the summit, discussing strategies and the future of digital transformation with leading enterprises and academic authorities.

Deloitte Consulting Director Yang Zhihe, Chen Weidong and CBD Director of Deloitte China Western Region Kevin Guo joined the meeting. Senior Manager Chuan He was invited to deliver a speech entitled "Deloitte helps Chinese brewing companies build digital core capabilities", sharing his insights on innovation trends in the brewing industry in the digital era. The speech was praised by SAP China Senior Vice President Andy Deng and IT leaders from participating companies including Maotai, Wuliangye and Yanghe.

2019 SAP Brewing Industry Annual Summit(Source:SAP)

"In the competitive landscape of technology innovation, business model innovation, new core competitiveness and new core business models are needed. Innovation and reform are the dominant trends."

Deloitte Consulting believes the digitalization development direction of brewing companies will move towards three types of digital systems:

First, digital marketing systems: in a new competitive landscape, enterprises should build digital, omni-channel collaborative systems, new core business models that empower retail outlets, and an "open + integrated" mindset to strengthen consumer interaction.

Second, digital frameworks for supply chain collaboration: enterprises should prioritize the development of end-to-end supply chain collaboration frameworks to transform their businesses.

Third, digitalized service sharing platforms: enterprises should develop service sharing platforms based on workflow standardization. Such platforms are expected to excel in user experience, integrate with the companies' financial processes, fit with mobile usage habits and be built as closed but complete systems to provide precise services.   

Deloitte Consulting Senior Manager He Chuan delivers his speech (Source: SAP)

Outside the main summit venue, the Deloitte booth also showed the full extent of our digital transformation solutions. Deloitte digital transformation professionals engaged in-depth conversations with clients in which they set out the development path of digital transformation in the brewing industry.

The Deloitte booth (Source: SAP)

Through their joint efforts, Deloitte Consulting and SAP will help brewing enterprises understand the most advanced trends in digital transformation, cope with technological disruption, seize opportunities to transform and create a more brilliant future.

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