Deloitte Consulting Wins 2018 SAP SuccessFactors on SAP Cloud Platform Partner Innovation Contest Top Innovation Award

On April 2, Andy Zhou, Deloitte Consulting SAP service line partner, and Alex Zhong, Deloitte Consulting partner, attended the SAP SuccessFactors "Power of We" annual conference. At the event, Andy received the Top Innovation Award in 2018 SAP SuccessFactors on SAP Cloud Platform Partner Innovation Contest on behalf of Deloitte Consulting, Alex delivered a speech on human resources management in the digital age and our client, SOKON, was invited to share its HR digitalization journey.

On April 2, the SAP SuccessFactors "Power of We" annual conference, featuring the Cloud Platform Partner Innovation Contest Awards ceremony, was held in Shanghai. After three rounds of fierce screening and evaluation, Deloitte Consulting won the "Top Innovation Award" in 2018 SAP SuccessFactors on SAP Cloud Platform Partner Innovation Contest. Deloitte Consulting SAP Service Line Partner Andy Zhou appeared on stage to receive the award on behalf of Deloitte Consulting.

Deloitte Consulting SAP Service Line Partner Andy Zhou receives the award from General Manager, SAP Greater China Cloud HCM Line of Business Boon Khoo (Source: SAP)

The main theme of the contest was "Innovation and Win-Win", focusing on "Experience Enhancement", "Interconnection" and "Product Incubation" and attracting the participation of many SAP SuccessFactors partners. The contest involved three rounds of evaluation. From the initial round and popular vote to final evaluation by an expert jury, only the most creative and feasible projects were selected. Deloitte Consulting's Integrated Value-added Solution for SAP SuccessFactors / Alibaba Ding Talk won the Top Innovation Award.

Deloitte's Winning Project

Integrated Value-added Solution for SAP SuccessFactors and Alibaba Ding Talk

Considering the actual needs of local customers in China, Deloitte Consulting developed a value-added, integrated solution utilizing SAP SuccessFactors and Alibaba's Ding Talk Platform. This solution not only uses SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) to provide integrated HR services, but also provides one-stop, multi-channel message distribution based on extended mobile service developed via cloud platform (CP). It also applies intelligent voice response to improve overall HR service efficiency and the satisfaction of enterprise staff on the mobile side, combining this with a human-computer interaction algorithm developed by Deloitte Management Consulting's Digital Team. Starting from the actual needs of customers, and by blending in the advanced technology and rich experience of SAP and Deloitte Consulting, the solution will guide enterprises along an innovative road to digital HR management.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Deloitte Consulting Partner Alex Zhong was invited to deliver a speech entitled Future modes of work – human resources management in the digital age.

"Driven by the internet, China has formed a unique digital ecosystem. Deloitte's understanding of HR digitalization is to help every company to create a brand new, internal and external, boundless "employee" management ecosystem. Through the interaction between internal network and external service tools, employees can truly feel the "Internet" of HR services. At the same time, through the "pre-management" of external personnel to improve service efficiency, and in the process, through data dredging using an inter-system transfer platform, employee behavior can be quickly determined through data analysis, and an "accurate service" can be provided to internal and external target clients effectively," says Alex Zhong.

"Existing data-driven HR systems have distinct operating modes (usually the three-tier model consisting of traffic acquisition, core sharing capability and professional platform), making full use of data to understand and benefit "all" employees. The combination of enterprise services and professional management of social platforms has expanded the HR service field and improved the staff experience. It will inevitably bring more management barriers, as well as technology and business scenario challenges, but in the future, with the deepening of Deloitte Intelligent Human Resource Service Model, the dual-drive of technology and business will certainly bring greater possibilities …"

Deloitte Consulting Partner Alex Zhong delivers his speech (Source: SAP)

After Alex's speech, the HR Director of SOKON, a Deloitte Client, was invited to share how DHR helps it redefine work.

This new era and new business models bring challenges not only to business models, but also to talent demand. SOKON is transforming from "tradition" to "intelligence". HR departments should help all employees redefine their work experience, as well as inform how to improve it, save time and improve work efficiency. At the same time, organizations should strengthen their restructuring of HR back office services, including shifting to platform-based organization, moving from process control to empowerment, integrating data resources and transforming direct managers into HR experts. Only by looking at the future can SOKON and other enterprises win the battel for talent.

We hope this award will become a new starting point for our work with SAP. Deloitte Consulting will continue to partner with SAP SuccessFactors, helping more clients transform their HR functions and promoting excellent HR operations.

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